#1032 Prayer for guarding the eyes and fearing the Tzaddik


Rabbi Berland’s Prayer to guard the eyes and have appropriate fear of the Tzaddik

Master of the World, who can do anything, grant me the merit in Parshat Behalotecha, of Lesson 21 [in Likutey Moharan): “When he raised up the lights towards the face of the menorah, lighting the seven candles.”

And may I merit to guard the seven candles from all the things [they need guarding from], and may I no longer open my eyes at all.

And in the merit of this, may I merit the level of Moshe: “And the man Moshe was more humble than any person on the face of the earth, mouth-to-mouth I speak with him, in a vision and not in riddles. And at the image of Hashem does he gaze. Why did you not fear to speak about My servant, about Moshe?”

And Rashi says, it doesn’t say ‘My servant Moshe’, rather ‘about My servant, about Moshe’. Even if he was not [as righteous as Moshe, or] about [one as righteous as] Moshe, even if he were not ‘My servant’, it would have been appropriate for you to fear him.

And all the more so, that he is My servant, and the servant of a King is a king. You should have known that the King doesn’t love him for nothing. And in the merit of this, may I merit to have the pure lights, in the merit of guarding my eyes when I walk on the way.

And may I see Hashem with the purest of pure light: “Like a person speaks to his friend.”




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