#1357 Prayer for the truth to be revealed

#1357 Rabbi Berland’s Prayer For The Truth To Be Revealed

Master of the world who can do anything, perform for me miracles and wonders, like in the days of Chanuka.

Like it says, “the mighty in the hand of the weak”, the secret of gevurot in the hand of chessed, “the many in the hand of the few”, the secret of hod included within netzach, “the wicked in the hand of the righteous”, the secret of the yesod included within tiferet, “the impure in the hands of the pure”, the secret of malchut included within yesod, “the sinners in the hand of the students of Torah”, which is the secret of Adam Kadmon who includes all the worlds and domains.

So to in every generation, and at every moment and second, may the wicked be encompassed in those that know the book, called the Tzadikim.

And the entire world, inanimate, plant, animal and speaking ones (man), will merit to be encompassed in Adam Kadmon of Atzilut, the secret of, “the eternity of Israel will not be falsified”, when the verse will be fulfilled, “until I will be consoled [from] the tongue of falsehood”, when the falsehood will reach its consolation and its final success.

Then too will the point of truth be victorious which is what will succeed over all the wicked, because Shamai learned Chanuka from Succot that we go from above to below.

Because on Hanukah is revealed the secret of the Hiyuli, which is from before the Creation, therefore the Mitzvah according to Shamai is from above to below, from the great[er] number to the low[er], but the halacha follows Beit Hillel, who goes from the light to the heavy, from the number one to the number eight.

And this is what the Yosef asked the brothers, “do you have a father [av] or brother [ach]”, meaning do you light according to the order of ‘av’ [in Hebrew spelt alef bet] i.e. one, two, from one to eight, or according to “ach” [in Hebrew spelt alef chet] i.e. immediately from the first day begin with eight candles.

Then they answered him, “we have an old father [av zaken]”, we go according to the ruling of Hillel haZaken’, from one to eight.


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