#1358 Prayer to go higher and higher like the dreidel

#1358 Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Go Higher And Higher Like The Dreidel

Master of the world who can do anything, before I spin the dreidel, I turn to You with an open request, and I bow before You on my knees, in bowing and prostrating, that You will raise me up from the depths of oblivion, from hell and perdition, to Adam Kadmon of Adam Kadmon.

In the power of the spinning, as now I am going to spin the dreidel, which through this the heels of Leah will be encompassed in the crown of Rachel, the secret of Migdal Eder (274), which is the numerical value of Rachel and Leah.

Because the Targum Yonatan says that from Migdal Eder will come Moshiach ben David, like it says, “and you Migdal Eder, Ophel of the daughter of Zion, they will come back to you, and the original kingdom will arrive, the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem”.

Because, “many are the pains of the wicked, but the one who trusts in G-d kindness will surround him (yesovvenu)”, from the word ‘sevivon’ (dreidel), that kindness surrounds a person, which is an aspect of the dreidel which spins and rises higher and higher.

And may there be fulfilled in me the verses that we say every day during the Hallel of Hanukah, “all the nations surround me, in the name of Hashem I cut them down; they encircle me and also surround me, in the name of Hashem I cut them down; they encircle me like bees, but they are extinguished like a fire of thorns, in the name of Hashem I cut them down.”

That in the merit of the dreidel, they will all be extinguished like fire of thorns, and the oil will go be consumed until it is finished, because the oil alludes to the nations of the world and the wick and the fire to Am Yisrael.


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