#883 Prayer to love my friends unconditionally

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Love My Friends Unconditionally


To Love My Friends With An Unconditional Love 

Master of the world, who can do anything.

May I merit to love all of my friends, an unconditional love, an unselfish love, that is not in order to receive something in return, love which is love from the holy intellect, that loves the holy soul of each and every one just as they are, just as they were carved out of the kisei hakavod [the holy throne], just as they are forged  from malchut of atzilut. 

And through this may we merit to rise up to the world of bina, whose root is in the ear of Adam Kadmon. And may we merit through loving our friends, through unconditional love, to be encompassed in the root of keter of Adam Kadmonbecause through the power of loving friends we merit to serve Hashem day and night without eating or drinking, without any payment or reward.  

And, through this, we merit to enter with our bodies into Gan Eden, like Yehoshua ben Levi, who learned Torah with baalei raatan (people with a highly contagious illness) without any payment (because no one else was willing to come close to them and they had no one to learn Torah with).

And through this, he entered with his body into Gan Eden and took the sword from the Angel of Deaththen the Angel of Death was no longer able to carry out its work, until the Angel of Death supplicated before him and begged him to return his sword.

And all this occurred after Yehoshua ben Levi swore to him that he would never leave Gan Eden ever, like Rabbah bar Rav Huna that when Eliyahu Hanavi brought him into Gan Eden and he took leaves and placed it in his garments, and his garment became filled with a great smell which he sold for 13,000 pouches full of gold dinars, and all this came about through the unconditional love that he had for his friends. 


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