A Great Tzaddikah, But She Didn’t Understand Why David was Jumping — Daily Chizzuk by R’ Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — “It was forbidden to see pants; this was like seeing undergarments.”

Thursday, 8 Nisan 5783 — “By my father, I never saw a thumb.”

These are his holy words:

Even if Michal was such a tzaddikah, she had conundrums about David.

Michal would put on Tefilin.  Once, women would put on Tefilin, not like today — but she could not stand the dancing of David.

Even though she was such a tzaddikah, put on Tefilin, but she said, “Really, by my father [King Shaul], I never in my life saw a thumb.  I don’t understand what’s going on here.”

It was forbidden to see pants.  There is no such thing as seeing pants.  This is like seeing undergarments.  No!  [They would] walk with long mantles until the floor.  The mantle would rub against the floor.  Even the shoes, they wouldn’t see.

If they would see the shoes, this was already called immodesty.  I have here a book that it is written in it that even by the gentiles, to see shoes is immodesty.  They would walk with the mantle until the floor mamash.  It’s forbidden to see pants.  It’s forbidden to see shoes.  It’s forbidden to see anything… This is like undergarments — they wouldn’t see this.

Michal said, “By my father, not in my life did I see a heel and not a thumb.  Now you, David, jump.  What type of…?

David would jump, jump, and jump — And David was dancing with all his strength (2 Shmuel 6:14).

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