A prayer to get out of debts

overcoming debts

A prayer to get out of debts

Written especially for a visitor to Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, last week:

Master of the world, please make me merit to get out from all the debts, and I should no longer have any more debts, and I should have more abundance than Rothschild, and I should shower the whole Jewish nation with endless abundance, ‘until their lips will wear out from saying enough.’

תפלה לצאת מכל  החובות

רבונו של עולם, זכני לצאת מכל החובות,  ויותר לא יהיה לי שום חוב,  ויהיה לי שפע יותר מרוטשילד, ואשפיע לכל עם ישראל אין סוף שפע עד שיבלו שפתותיכם מלומר די.


  1. I think this is a beautiful prayer. May we each merit to learn gemara lishmah, each of us becoming not just a talmid chacham but also (as I’ve seen proliferating on english websites) a talmud chacham — smart with the smarts of gemara. 🙂 and through this the grace of Israel is restored, and every prayer is answered with a shefa that even Baron Rothschild could never imagine.


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