A Woman Can Manage to Pray at the Kotel and also to Send the Children to School on Time – Daily Shiur

The Daily Shiur of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, from Thursday, the night of 1 Shevat (Rosh Chodesh), Parshat Mishpatim, after Maariv:

Three seriously injured, without hands, without feat, in [the city of] Kiryat Shmona.  [Defense Minister] Yoav Galant promises everyone [that they will] return to their communities, to Hanita, Shlomi, Kiryat Shmona.  He is responsible for all of them; there’s nothing to fear.  And he is responsible for no more missiles falling.  And all of this is because not all the girls have lengthened their dresses yet, and have not broken their Xiaomis.  Devorah the prophetess broke her Xiaomi, so she merited to a pillar of fire, torches of fire – [she is called] “Eshet Lapidot – woman of torches.”

Every girl who breaks her Xiaomi will merit to torches of fire, to fly in the air, like the women of Tzippori, who flew in the air.   Like Serach bat Asher, who was a prophetess.  In every single generation, there were 600,000 prophetesses, [during] the entire First Temple period, all the days of the Judges, all [the days of] the Tabernacle in Shilo.  339 years of the Tabernacle in Shilo, 410 for the First Temple, 210 for the Second Temple.  They would all fly in the air, both during the First Temple and the Second Temple, because of their great desire to pray Minchah, Maariv, and Shacharit.  They would arrive to send the children to Cheder, and also to pray.  A woman can manage to do everything, also to pray – 6:30 is already sunrise.  In a little bit, it will be 6:25.  She can manage to do everything – 6:30, to finish the prayer, to come home before seven, until eight to send the children to Cheder.  And still with a Tikkun HaKlali in hand.  Everyone, say the Tikkun HaKlali.  And then we will merit to the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen!

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