Advice on: Happiness

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Rabbi Berland’s Advice on: Happiness

Continuing our translation of Etzot HaNachal, Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s compendium of advice, based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

  • It takes self-sacrifice to be happy.

  • There’s no other mitzvah that a person walks all over more than the mitzvah to be happy.

  • Yaakov told the tribes that through singing and melodies they would succeed in freeing Shimon.
  • Avraham Avinu taught his guests to make teshuva through singing and dancing.
  • If you have a limb that you can’t make ‘dance’ it’s because you blemished it. If you confess while you are dancing, then happiness will enter.
  • Through dancing a person can achieve all the salvations.

In Uman they would dance for 45 minutes every day after Ma’ariv.

  • A person who is happy is always successful.

  • When a person can’t dance, this shows that he has judgments over him, and he simply is unable to dance.

Michal (King David’s wife) didn’t understand this, why would someone dance like that? Dancing and jumping and doing summersaults etc? A person should only dance slowl, with small steps, with ‘humility’ and ‘seriousness’ etc…

But, in truth, we need to act with the aspect of a child, to dance with all our might, and it’s specifically through this that we merit twice “ע ש.

  • The singing, the melodies and the dancing –

This was [Rebbe Nachman’s] true intention in the holy Likutei Moharan, which we’ll go through b’ezrat Hashem another thousand times until the last day, until it brings us to singing and dancing and to true happiness. This is the main depth contained in Likutei Moharan. Then the world will dissolve, and the entire world will make teshuva.

The whole world will dissolve and make teshuva.

  • If you’re sad that you’re not the king, it means that you’re not the king.

That’s because it’s forbidden for a king to ever become sad.

The Rebbe says, the son of the king, however he eats he’s still the son of the king, however he speaks he’s still the son of the king. This person is the son of the king.

The children of Israel are the sons of kings. All of Israel are the sons of kings.


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