Advice on: Yishuv HaDaat

settled mind

Rav Berland’s advice on Yishuv HaDaat

Continuing our translation of Etzot HaNachal, a compendium of advice taken from the teachings of Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, on Likutey Moharan.

  1. The Rebbe says that unless a person does an hour of hitbodedut a day, he’s never going to have yishuv hadaat (a settled mind).

The geula will come, the Moshiach will come, like everyone wants – and this one will jump out of the window. This one will jump from the second storey, in order to see the Moshiach as quickly as possible.

But you? You’ll go calmly and relaxedly, with yishuv hadaat.

  1. The whole hour of hitbodedut is really just about how to achieve yishuv hadaat.

This is the whole hour of hitbodedut. This is what the Rebbe tells us in Sichot HaRan, that hitbodedut is the way to come by yishuv hadaat – this his mind should always be settled. That nothing can confuse him and [distance] him from the Torah and prayer.

3. Rabbenu’s whole thing is how to get some deep, wonderful, yishuv hadaat – the kind of settled mind that a person has never had before.

Everybody needs to have that sort of mellowness and patience, and a calm spirit, so that he can think straight and check into everything. [Everyone needs] to do hitbodedut on every single thing. We even need to do hitbodedut about a nail.

4. This person walks around in a relaxed way, with peace of mind, with yishuv hadaat, and with a quiet soul.

Every day, he learns one page of Likutey Moharan, and five pages of Likutey Halachot – everything with a wonderful yishuv hadaat, and with joy, and with amazing tranquility.

He relaxes everyone around him, he comforts everyone, and he evokes a lovely atmosphere around him.

  1. The Rav is starting to speak about the matter of learning with nachat (a sense of satisfaction), where a person doesn’t need to get confused in his learning.

Rather, he should take Rabbenu’s Torah, and go according to what it says, until it’s finished. And then afterwards, he should take another Torah, until he’s gone through the whole Likutey Moharan.

And by doing this, Rabbenu’s Torah will be absorbed into his blood – and will transform it.


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