“All of Israel is in grave danger” – new message from the Rav

New message from the Rav: “All of Israel is in great danger.”

Following on from Rav Eliezer Berland’s announcement last week that he was calling for a new prayer gathering in Hevron this Sunday night, Zot Chanuka, to prevent new wars breaking out in the North and South of the country, the Rav has just put out an even more stark message:

(We are still working on the full English translation of the Rav’s exact words, so the below is a rough translation of the key points:)

  • All of Israel is in very grave, life-threatening danger.
  • The rockets will fall on all parts of Israel, including Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
  • The only way to stop this terrible decree is via prayer.
  • No-one will come to help us, as all the world is against us.
  • The Rav is asking for 50,000 people (this number needs to be verified) to attend the prayer gathering in Hevron on Zot Chanuka.
  • The Iron Dome, the IDF and the Israeli government are going to be powerless to stop the rockets this time. Only prayer is going to avert a disaster for the Jewish people.
  • The Rav will also be attending the prayer gathering in Hevron.

(Again, due to the urgency of the situation, these points have been written according to the understanding of the listener, and will be amended and updated once the Rav’s words have been properly transcribed.)

In the meantime, you can hear the Rav’s words for yourselves (in the original Hebrew) in the video, above.

There will be special buses arranged to and from Hevron on the night, at heavily subsidized prices, and it will be very easy to get in and out according to your own schedule.

The prayer gathering will begin at 12 midnight, Sunday 6.12.2018, and continue until 2:30am.

To join, or find out more details about the buses, please call:  077-229-2222


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