An evening that is impossible to forget

Meron, a night you can't forget

Meron 5778 – An evening that it’s impossible to forget

This year’s L’ag B’omer celebration up in Meron was one of the most special and uplifting events for Shuvu Banim and thousands of Rav Eliezer Berland’s followers, as it marked the first time in five years that the Rav was in Meron for L’ag B’omer.

Right up until the last minute, no-one knew if the Israeli authorities would actually give the Rav permission to attend, after his persecutors tried every trick in the book to try to ban him from coming to Meron. But prayer overcame! And chasdei Hashem, with Hashem’s great mercy and kindness, the Rav was in Meron this year to celebrate the hiloula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, z’tl.

Here, we are very happy to share some uplifting photos of this very special evening, plus a short clip:

Rav Berland just after his lit the bonfire in Meron


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