“At that Moment Soldiers Will Already Stop Dying and the War Will Stop” – Daily Shiur with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Shiur of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, given on Monday, the night of 28 Tevet, Parshat Va’era, after Ma’ariv:

Every day, ten soldiers are killed.  Every girl needs to lengthen her dress to the ankles.  At that moment, soldiers will already stop dying and the war will stop.  Every girl will merit to a column of fire, like Devorah the prophetess, Eshet Lapidot [“a fiery woman” or a “woman of torches”], who had torches of fire upon her.  Every girl who would prophesize would have torches of fire upon her.  It used to be that all girls were prophetesses.  All the granddaughters of Yaakov Avinu were prophetesses.  Serach bat Asher was a prophetess, and she sang the song, “Yosef is still alive and king in Egypt, and he has two sons, Menashe and Ephraim!”

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