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Master of Prayer

The Story of the Master of Prayer – Hitchadshut Magazine Tevet 5781

At a time when the holy prayers of our Rav, Rabbi Berland, are being adopted all over Israel and the entire world, opening more and more hearts, Hischadshut goes back to their starting point. --The...
Kever of Ari in Tzfat

Feature — Hitchadshut Magazine: The Opposition against the Ari HaKadosh

Rabbeinu HaAri HaKadosh (the Holy Arizal -- short for Eloki Rabbi Yitzchak -- the G-dly Rabbi Yitzchak) was born in 5294 (1534 C.E) in Jerusalem.  From there he descended to Egypt with his widowed...

“I had to know what the Pidyon Nefesh did for my father”

The power of a Pidyon! – Chilling eyewitness testimony of a man who did a Pidyon Nefesh by Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a for his father who was ill with cancer.  He tells us what...
Rabbi Berland Chanukah

“Through the Light of Chanukah, Chana Brought Down the Soul of Mashiach” – Rabbi...

“On Chanukah a fire bursts forth, a flaming fire bursts forth that is impossible to stop.  This is a flaming fire that descends from heaven through the candles of Chanukah.  Rebbe Nachman brings in...