Beginning of School Year 5784 — Prayers by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

This week is the start of the new school year of 5784.  Below is a collection of prayers by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a for the beginning of the school year:

To merit to success at the beginning of the new school year and to always learn the Torah in holiness and purity and to illuminate the light of truth in the world.  Success in  learning and on tests

Ribono Shel Olam — Master of the Universe, Who can do everything, let me merit in the merit of the month of Elul, which is the beginning of the new school year, “the sign of Virgo,” which indicates a new birth, and a new creation, let me merit to succeed in all the learning, and to know Shas backwards and forwards, in breadth and depth, word-for-word, letter-by-letter, and that I should not lack any letter from Shas, chas v’shalom, and not from Kitzot HaChoshen, and not from Netivot HaMishpat, and not from Urim V’Tumim, and not from Takfo Kohen, and not from the holy Rambam, and not from the Shulchan Aruch, and not from the Tur, Rosh, Rif, Rashba, Ramban, Ritva, Meiri, and all the commentators in the world, and that I will merit to learn everything truly for Heaven’s sake, for the sake of the holy and pure Torah, for the sake of the revelation of the light of truth in the world, and the light of the Tzaddik in the world, and in the merit of learning the holy Torah, and in the merit of my succeeding in all the tests in the world, and that I will learn Torah day and night =177, 24 [hours a day] without interruption of a moment or second, I shall enter with my body to the Garden of Eden = 177, like Serach bat Asher = 1411.  And through this, I shall merit to subdue the eleven Chieftains of Esav, and that I shall not have any materialism, and through this, “And it was turned about; that 501 the Jews 80 prevailed 355, they 50 over their adversaries 414 = 1411.”  And in the merit of learning the holy Torah 24 hours without interruption of a second, I shall merit to ride on and to gallop on 1464 lions, like the soul 790 of Daniel 95, a man 311 of pleasing virtues 464 = 1659, the secret of, “Those lost in the land of Ashur and those cast away in the land of Egypt will come 9 and prostrate themselves to Hashem — Echad = 1 in Jerusalem.”  And in the merit of this, may the spirit of Mashiach ben David rest upon me, as it is said, “The spirit of Hashem will rest upon him, a spirit of wisdom 73 and understanding 73, a spirit of counsel 165 and might 222, a spirit of knowledge 474 and fear 617 of Hashem 26 = 1659.”

To merit that my children will learn well and pay attention and perform all their tasks in learning and will be calm and Tzaddikim.  Calmness, serenity, concentration, and a settled mind

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the Universe, let my son merit to have fulfilled in him the verse, “The Eternal One of Israel does not lie and does not relent” (I Shmuel 15:29), and to merit to learn well, to read well, to write well, to pay attention well, and to concentrate well, and that it will be easy for him to write; and a settled mind and calmness.  And it shall be fulfilled in me and in my husband {my wife} and in my sons and in my daughters the verse, “I will make you 461 fruitful 711 and make you 461 multiply 633” = 2266, and that he will be a true Tzaddik, and that the soul 790 of our holy 415 and awesome 268 Rebbe 268 will become spiritually impregnated in him and he will merit to be a gentle 95 soul 430 = 2266, and always calm and quiet, until he merits to be one 13 of the greatest Tzaddikim 259 in the generation, and the souls of Mashiach 359 ben 52 Yosef 156 and Mashiach 359 ben 52 David 14 (plus two = 2266) shall become spiritually impregnated in him.

Prayer for Bat Yisrael

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the Universe, Who can do everything, and that nothing can impede [Your] purpose from You, let us merit, Bnot Yisrael (Jewish girls) to be holy and pure like the whole Matriarchs, ‘Sara, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah,’ and let us merit to be holy prophetesses like ‘Miriam, Devora, Chulda, Avigayil, and Queen Esther,’ and that we shall merit all our days to behave with modesty and to dress with modesty, and to not raise the voice, and to not to appear outside, chas v’shalom, as it is written, “All the honor of the princess is inside.”  And that all our lives, we shall merit to always pray with focused attention and to learn Tehilim with focused attention, and that You shall hear our prayers and supplications and our roars and our screams, and that you shall rescue in the merit of our prayers and roars Your entire people Israel, the whole and individually, from all types of tragedies and illnesses, chas v’shalom, and there will no longer be any distress or sorrow or groaning in any house amongst the houses of Israel, chas v’shalom, and that we shall merit to always pray a pure, clear, and shining prayer, until we merit that in the merit of our prayers, You will bring the King Messiah and the complete redemption, and the Temple will be rebuilt speedily in our days in the blink of an eye, Amen, Netzach, Selah, Va’ed.

To be the most righteous and wisest child in the world

Ribono Shel Olam – Master of the Universe, let me merit to be the most righteous and wisest child in the world, that such a child still has not been from the creation of the world until now, and until after the revival of the dead. and that I shall merit to be like Yotam 456 ben 52 Uziyahu 104 = 612, clean from any sin and from any evil thought, and through this may I merit to guard the holy covenant 612, and that I shall always live in Jerusalem, about which it says, “Brilliant as the sun 73, beautiful as the moon 107, awe-inspiring as an army with banners 513” = 693, “For 30 I 61 Hashem 26 your God 66 am holy 410,” “and for everything, we thank 100 = 693 You and bless You,” and that I shall merit to be like Daniel 95, who rode on 1464 lions.  Please God 46 of All 50 Flesh 502 = 693, let me merit to the verse, “Hashem appeared to him in Elonei Mamrei” = 670, the secret of Midrash Peliah = 670, and let me merit to know from memory all the Otzar 297 HaPoskim 301, and through Otzar HasPoskim, to subdue the impure force of Haman 95 = 693, and that I shall merit to reveal the holiness of Mordechai HaTzaddik, “For You 406 are our Father 65, Abundant in Power and good 23 and forgiving 104 and abundant in kindness to all who call You,” in the merit of Mordechai the Jew 40, and the Jewish people — who sang at the sea shore 55 this song to Hashem = 693, for Jerusalem, the city 280 of the Divine Presence 390 = 670, which was saved from the pure 230 soul 440 = 670, and through this, may we merit to peace 376 from the depth 257 of the heart 37 = 670, and through this, may we merit, Hashem Echad 1, to the light 213 of 330 Ben 52 David 14, and through this , may I merit to be the most brilliant 60 of the generation = 670.

The “Shuvu Banim” site wishes parents and students and all the Jewish people who are beginning the school year this week, blessings for a fruitful and successful school year!

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