By the Tzaddik, Everything Turns into Honey! — Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — “Through rising early, the Third Temple will be built”

Sunday, 8 Sivan 5783 — Rabbeinu prays everyone’s prayers

These are his holy words:

Rehavam didn’t worship idolatry, but he said, “I will give you scorpions.”  What sort of an idiot would say such a thing?  “My father chastised you with sticks; I shall chastise you with scorpions!” (I Melachim 12:14) — Rehavam meant the zodiac of Scorpio, that then the Third Temple would be built.

Rehavam said: You want the Third Temple — then scorpions.  Behold, the entire matter of the Third Temple is that it will be a Temple of fire; this is achieved only through scorpions — that you will rise early at 4.

What is the meaning of “From the eater came forth food” (Shoftim 14:14)?  Who is “the eater”?  The eater is the lion, the lion in the Merkavah (Chariot)!  This lion turned into honey — by the Tzaddik, everything turns into honey!

Like Vespasian asked Rabbi Yochanan: What should be done if there is a barrel full of honey, and there is a snake on the barrel?

Rabbi Yochanan was silent.  Why was he silent?  Say something!  Speak!

He said: I think that you should take tongs and kill the snake.  Then Rabbi Akiva called upon him the verse, “Who makes wise men retreat and makes their knowledge foolish” (Yeshaya 44:25).  Rabbi Akiva asked: What, you don’t know what to answer?  Tell Vespasian, you take the dragon and you move it.

Who is the dragon?  Who is the snake?  This is the Biryonim (the Zealots)!  The Biryonim burned the granaries, burned the supplies, the wheat, the barley, the oil — they burned everything.  For the food in the granaries was enough for 21 years.  In the Midrash, it’s written that it was enough for 22 years.  If there hadn’t been controversy, they could have survived within the walls of Jerusalem for 22 years.

After three years, Vespasian left.  He said: Enough, I don’t have strength anymore.  How much do you think it’s possible to wage war against the same city?  Behold, after three years they already conquered Carthage.

And the emperor says, Master of the Universe — have mercy, have mercy!

Even the emperor, even though he’s a gentile, even though he’s a Roman, prays: Master of the Universe, you put an entire army into the hands of one man.  We don’t have strength anymore.  We’re already forlorn.  We’re miserable.  It’s impossible like this.

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Master of the Universe — have mercy on him.  Master of the Universe — hear his prayer.  The Rebbe says, all the prayers it’s me praying.

The Rebbe writes in Chayei Moharan [translated as “Tzaddik” by the Breslov Research Institute]: Know that in all the prayers from the creation of the world until the end, I am spiritually bound within each person, in the gentile, in the Jew, the sick child, the sick father, the sick mother, the sick woman.  A gentile also prays.  He screams and he cries more than Jews.

Everything is Rabbeinu.  He is spiritually bound in each person.  He says: All the prayers in the entire world, it is me who is spiritually bound within them.  I am spiritually bound, and I pray, and I scream within them.

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