The cancerous growth that disappeared – another miracle story

Miracle: The Rav heals a woman's cancer
The Rav miraculously heals a woman's cancer of the throat

How a woman’s throat tumor disappeared after a blessing from Rav Berland

Recently, the Rav’s main persecutors within the wider Breslov community released a video of the Rav taken during his exile, where he blessed a woman who came to him with cancer of the throat while briefly touching her throat.

While the Rav’s persecutors wasted no time churning out more of their awful lies and disgraceful headlines, the woman in question agreed to be videoed to tell the true story behind her fateful meeting with Rav Berland.

You can see her tell the full story for yourself HERE.

The 60 year old woman in question underwent seven series of chemotherapy treatments for the growth in her throat, until the doctors despaired of being able to do anything more to help her. At that point, she flew out to get a blessing from Rav Berland again.

We’re pleased to share with you an abridged translation of her story, in her own words:

Anyone who knows the Rav sees miracles

“I’ve known Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, since I was a little girl,” she begins. “The Rav loves everyone. Anyone who knows the Rav, they see miracles. I’m the mother of 11 children, and I discovered that I was very sick with cancer around Rosh Hashana time, three years ago [in 2014].

“Shortly before Rosh Hashana, the Rav had spoken to me on the telephone, and he’d told me that I was very ill – that I only had a month left to live, and that I needed to come and see him, so he could help me. At that time, I had no idea what the Rav was talking about, because I still hadn’t discovered that I was sick.

“Today, after a number of very difficult treatments, my voice has been damaged, but, Baruch Hashem, the danger is now past. We escaped from the pit!

My worst fears were confirmed

“Two months before we discovered my illness, my husband’s life was saved by a miracle. He fell off a roof and broke 13 ribs. Two weeks after that, I got to Hadassah hospital, because I was really starting to feel unwell. There, they confirmed my worst fears, and they told me that I had a very serious illness, and that my chances of making it through were very small.

“The next day, I was already in the operating room. By this point I’d already lost 15 kilos in weight, and I decided that I just had to go and see the Rav.

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“I can’t tell you that I went to Moranu Rav Berland filled with the belief that he was going to be able to cure me, because I didn’t believe that. First, I had to go through Gehinnom (purgatory), which really showed me where I was truly holding, spiritually.

If I’d believed in our Sages, I wouldn’t have to have suffered like that

“I still remember that whole period of terrible suffering and difficulties, and I’m not ashamed to say that if I would have really believed in our Sages and rabbis, I wouldn’t have to have suffered like that.

“I knew what this illness was, I’d already experienced it elsewhere in my family, both with my relatives and with my friends. The agreement I made with the hospital was that if I decided to go through with the operation, than afterwards I’d need to have a series of 40 radiation treatments.

“The Rav contacted me, and told me to come to him in Amsterdam. I came for two days, with my husband. When you see the Rav, it’s truly like seeing an angel of Hashem. At that time, the Rav was in Gottlieb’s house, and from the moment I saw him, I started to feel a bit more emuna and hope.

The Rav told me not to worry

“The Rav gave me some soup to eat. Up until that point, I hadn’t been able to swallow any food, but suddenly I found myself asking for another bowl. I told the Rav that I just had to have the operation. The Rav told me not to worry, and that he would send me the best experts.

“I had that next operation at Beilinson. I can’t even begin to tell you about the miracles I experienced, because there were just so many. Let me show you the medical papers with all the test results, and they’ll show you the terrible state I was in before I met the Rav. And here are the medical papers that show the tremendous improvement that occurred afterwards.

“The Rav taught me how to pray. He showed me the real joy to be found in praying, and he helped me to escape from all my sadness and mochin d’katnut (spiritual immaturity).

“You could say that my recovery actually started there, in Holland, when I saw the Rav. I thought to myself: ‘Can it really be that such a Tzaddik like this is actually helping me through this?’ And the Rav helped me through it, with all of his heart.

Who can pray like the Tzaddik?

“Every day that I was in Holland, the Rav blessed me. I used to cry, and ask the Rav to pray for me – because who else can pray like the Tzaddik? You can read all the details in my medical papers, but by the time I got to the Rav, my tumor had already grown tremendously. When I returned home, it was already smaller.

“I also had two metastased tumors growing in the direction of my lungs, that had already bypassed the cartilage. Anyone who wants to understand the true level of the ‘Master of Prayer’ should come on Shabbat, and see the prayers with the Rav. They go on for hour after hour, with such joy and niggunim (melodies).

“The Rav is the holy of holies. I’ve known the Rav for 30 years, and I’ve never been allowed to spend any time close to him. Throughout all the years, I’ve always had to stand at least two metres away from him. Everyone knows that if any place in this world can be called a holy, protected place, then it is the home of Moranu, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.”

As a final note, it’s brought down in many of the kabbalistic works that sometimes, a Tzaddik’s bracha can only take effect on an ill person if the Tzaddik touches them with his hand. This is a known phenomenon to anyone with any familiarity with healing methods.

You can see the interview for yourself, in the original Hebrew, HERE.

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