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#144 Prayer to have good thoughts before sleep

#144: Rabbi Berland's Prayer To Have Good Thoughts Before Sleep Master of the world, grant me good thoughts before I go to sleep and open up for me all the heavenly structures. Like it says, “the...
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Prayers for Yeladim Tzaddikim #5

Rabbi Berland’s Prayers for Holy Children, #5 Continuing the new series of translated prayers, this time from the booklet of prayers by Rabbi Berland to have Children Who Are Tzaddikim. ==== 41. Master of the world who can...

More videos from Rav Glazerson

Four new videos from Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson that talk about about Rav Berland Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, shlita, has been a friend of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, since their days together at yeshiva. Over the years, Rav...

Plugging into ‘Tzaddik Power’

Tonight, it's the hiloula of Yosef HaTzaddik Yesterday, I spent a good hour trying to track down tickets for the armored buses that will take thousands of people to the grave, deep in heart of...