Connecting to the Tzaddik from a distance

How to connect to the Tzaddik from a distance

There is one Tzaddik in every generation and all the merit of the generation depends on that Tzaddik. But we can’t just sit back and let things happen on our own. We can’t just view the world from a computer screen. We need to come close and get involved.

But there is also a way to connect yourself from a distance when you have no other choice. There is a secret of ibbur neshama when a tzaddik enters a person. Where do you sudden bursts of inspiration come from? It is the soul of the tzaddik which entered inside you.

What is the benefit of the advice of the Tzaddik? Even if the advice does not get you anywhere you are receiving something much greater than the actual wisdom you are receiving a piece of the soul of the tzaddik. The advice of the tzaddik is his great mind, his awesome soul, which when you act on his advice it becomes a part of you.


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