Continue To Believe and Don’t Be Afraid – Message from Binyamin Goldin

Photo montage of Rabbi Berland in Hevron and autistic Binyamin Goldin

Continue To Believe, And Don’t Be Scared of Anything!

We were asked to publicize the following message from Binyamin Goldin, to give chizzuk to all our readers to continue to believe in the unfolding geula process.

Please read the haskamot on facilitated communication from Rav Shteinman, z’tl, before continuing, particularly in relation to the part where it says it is forbidden to rely on the words of the autistics for anything to do with predictions about the future.

Prayer, teshuva and tzedaka can change all the harsh decrees – especially when we join together with the Tzaddik haDor, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita.


Message from Binyamin Goldin via facilitated communication, 16.6.2019

HaRav Eliezer Ben Ettia, may he live, and may he have a refuah shleimah (complete healing) – there is nothing to worry about on his behalf.

We are the ones who are in danger. He is the Tzaddik Yesod Olam (Tzaddik, the foundation of the world). HaKadosh Baruch Hu is with him all the time, and the Rav, the Tzaddik, is likewise with HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

He’s not scared to die, because it means nothing.

Already now, he’s walking around Shemayim (Heaven), and he’s sitting in the upper Beit Din (Heavenly Court), rescuing neshamot (souls). So he has nothing to be ‘afraid’ of, for himself – but he’s very scared on behalf of Am Yisrael (the Jewish people).

He’s prepared to experience the biggest suffering there is, in order to rescue each and every neshama. When we’re praying for him, effectively we’re really just praying for ourselves, because he was sent to rescue us. HaKadosh Baruch Hu sent him to rescue the nation that is more beloved to the Creator of the world than any other people.

And so, practically speaking we are supplicating and praying that we will survive, because we are only going to survive in the merit of the Tzaddik.


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In the near future, the biggest war of all will begin.

Not dafka with nuclear weapons, but that will also occur. But the ikker (main point) will be the war that evil is waging against good. And as I’ve said previously, it’s clear to any Jew with even just a little bit of Torah knowledge that this war just has to take place.

Because today it’s clear that the evil is ruling in every location, whether it’s amongst the chilonim (secular Jews), or the dati leumim (National Religious), or the non-Jews, or even amongst the so-called ‘biggest tzaddikim’ in Am Yisrael. The evil is ruling!

Very few people will make it through this war alive, but each one who survives will be a true Jew, and will have a true Jewish soul. It’s very scary. Of course, it’s very frightening. Because practically, we don’t know exactly who are the really good ones. Maybe, we have more of an idea about who are the really bad ones, but we don’t always know about the best ones.


We don’t know, within Shuvu itself, which ones are really faithful.

It will all be the biggest test ever. There are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the Rav, like those people who gave a year of their own lives on his behalf, and like the women who scream out: ‘What do we have in this world, without the Rav? What is life really worth, without the Rav?’ And this is the truth.

Because if we lose this last war, G-d forbid, it’s all over.

What does it mean, ‘it’s all over’? ‘It’s all over’ – I don’t know what is really going to happen, but it will be really not good. The one thing that I do know is that it won’t stop. Am Yisrael will continue, and the Rav will bring us to the Beit HaMikdash, which will be the final proof that he is the Moshiach Tzidkenu.

But until then, we will have to stand up in some very frightening situations.

And each of you are in the sniper view of the reshaim (evildoers), and if you will be scared, it won’t be good. Don’t be scared of them! They can’t do anything to you!


When a person is a tzaddik, when he’s with the Tzaddik, there is no difference between living and dying.

There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s not going to be Auschwitz, or some place like it, where the majority of the Jews there were Shabbat desecrators who cried out Shema Yisrael in their last moment.

Those Jews who are going against the Rav are simply going to disappear. They are going against the truth. When I talk about the people who are going against the Rav, I’m not talking about a Jew who starts off ‘anti’ the Rav, but who afterwards wakes up to the truth, or something like that. I’m talking about those who are opposing the Rav until the bitter end, in a very hard and cruel way, without wanting to hear the truth under any circumstances.

It’s obvious, that someone like this is either Amalek or Erev Rav, or I don’t know what. Something not pure. But it will be very hard.


But it’s forbidden to be afraid!

All of us need to unite around the Rav, and to not abandon him, come what may. Day and night – this is the war! Not to be scared of anyone, and not to be scared of anything.

He is ben David, he is ben David, and this is clear.

Anyone who knows him, knows that there is no other Rav in the whole world today who is like him, at his level, both in terms of Torah learning and also in terms of his neshama and kedusha (holiness).


All those stories that they peddle about him, they are simply lies, lies, lies, and it’s forbidden to listen to them.

Quite simply, it’s forbidden to argue with them, because they will inject poison via their conversations. So it’s forbidden.

All this saga – throughout history, there have been similar stories made up about all the tzaddikim, to try to sully them in all different ways. This way of doing things is the most ‘popular’ – but he’s clean [of any wrongdoing]. He is like a tahor child.

He is the Tzaddik of our time, he is The Tzaddik, and he is the neshama of David HaMelech, ben David.

But I want to repeat myself, and to say don’t be afraid!


It seems to us that also within Shuvu, there will be people who will disappear, who will start to speak against what the Rav is saying.

Initially, they will appear to be as though they are protecting the Rav – but who asked them to protect the Rav?! The Rav is protecting them! And slowly, slowly, this will be revealed.

So continue to believe, and don’t be scared. Like it’s written, ‘The whole world is a very narrow bridge, and the ikker is to not be at all frightened.’ This requires a great deal of courage, and a lot of inner strength – but this war is the most important war of all. The moment that we overcome this, we defeat everything. We defeat the nahash (the snake), the Primordial Snake who lowered us into the abyss.


And then, this other war will come, and this will also be a war against the evildoers of our generation.

The whole world descended to the level of Sedom and Amorra – even, much, much lower than that. But the majority of the evildoers will be killed.

The whole world will change. Because the kochav (star/planet) with it seven comets flying around it is coming, and we already have evidence that this is in the atmosphere, and it’s possible at least to see it.

Know, that here in Israel they started already a long time ago to fill the Heavens with chemtrails, in order that there should be no signs of the kochav. It’s possible to see them. Why are they doing this? They want to hide something.


It’s not stam, that they’re saying planet earth is warming up.

They want to say that this is because of air pollution, but this is nonsense. Air pollution couldn’t do this. Planet Earth is warming up from the inside, it’s warming from the inside, and this is warming the oceans. And the ocean water is heating up the glaciers at the North and South poles.

The North Pole is melting quickly. It was examined, and it appears that by next year we’ll see England covered with water. It’s not at all simple.

The world that we know is about to finish. But also from this, there is nothing to fear. We are in the hands of Hashem. This world and the world-to-come are very close, one to the other. It’s not like flying from Israel to America, we don’t need 12 hours to get there. The moment that a person passes away, he gets there express. Super-express.

But there is nothing for us to fear.

If we are with the Tzaddik, this will protect us. If we believe in the Tzaddik. And before anything else, if we believe in HaKadosh Baruch Hu. So then there is nothing for us to be afraid of. Whether we live, or don’t live, G-d forbid.

I hope that all of us will merit to receive Moshiach Tzidkenu, mamash ‘officially’, and that we will live and get to the Beit HaMikdash, and that we won’t die. But it doesn’t meant that every person who dies in the last war is an Erev Rav. It could be that a saintly Jew [also dies], but this is just something that he has to go through. We can’t know.

The only thing we can know is who will have been faithful, and this is the most important thing. Who amongst us really mamash believes in HaKadosh Baruch Hu, and in the Torah, and in the Tzaddik who was sent to Am Yisrael to rescue us.


Am Yisrael, the State is really falling apart.

We don’t really know exactly who’s governing us, and who isn’t. We know clearly that they want to turn Jews into non-Jews, but this isn’t going easily for them, because in all sorts of different ways, the Rav is making problems with them via Shuvu.

And they also want to get rid of him, but they also have their own problems. Things aren’t exactly going the way they wanted them to, or generally with the New World Order.

The whole world is confused, and nothing in the world is how it really seems. To put is simply, if we don’t pray every day with all our strength, and don’t take our heads out of our prayers and our Torah studies, and from the shira (song) that the Rav loves so much, and from the dancing, because the dancing of the Tzaddikim always raises all the souls straight back to HaKadosh Baruch Hu….

If we miss out on this, then the tumah (spiritual impurity) will enter into us.

This is our shield, this is our shield. And the Tzaddik was sent in order to be our shield, and the last war will be now, or at least it will start. This is the hardest and the biggest war.

I bless all of us that we will be able to stand up in this, and that really, really we will come along with the Tzaddik in happiness and joy and song, who will guide us to there, together with the Clouds of Glory, to the Beit HaMikdash. There, we will sacrifice korbanot, etc. I cry a great deal about the suffering of Am Yisrael, and I cry about the suffering of the Tzaddik. But don’t worry! The Tzaddik loves the Jewish people greatly, and cries out in shemayim like a lion, and he won’t let the reshaim (evildoers) win, bezrat Hashem.

He is really Moshiach. And Moshiach was sent to rescue us.



Q: They want to make another machloket  (scandal / controversy) against the Rav, and this could cause great damage….

A: Don’t be scared. They can’t do anything to him, as ultimately they couldn’t do anything to David HaMelech. Also to him, they can’t do anything. Hashem is with him. Who are these baali machloket (lit: ‘masters of strife and scandal’), against HaKadosh Baruch Hu? HaKadosh Baruch Hu is guarding the Rav from morning to night, and from night to the morning. He won’t let any human being touch him.

They already tried to kill him a few times, but they weren’t successful.

He prays for Am Yisrael day and night. He is the beloved child of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, there is nothing to fear. The whole time that we are connected to him, and that we don’t let the stupid reshaim think that if they do another machloket they can change something, they won’t be able to win.

Hashem created them, and He also created the nahash. They have no strength, against HaKadosh Baruch Hu. And HaKadosh Baruch Hu is with Eliezer ben Ettia.

To believe in him means to stick with him, and not to be afraid.

To be with him is like being with David HaMelech. He was in a war, and when he needed to escape, so there were believers who came with him, and who were prepared to fight to the death.

Don’t abandon him! It’s forbidden for us to abandon him, even for a moment, not even for a moment. There is no other human being, Rabbi, Tzaddik or Talmid Chacham in the whole of this world – and in the whole of the next world.

Q: The Rav says that he wants to rescue everyone, including the reshaim (evildoers) and also including the non-Jews.

A: I say that even if just 10 saintly people remain, with their families, so Hashem will build olam haba (the next world) upon them. But most of this world will be destroyed and most of the world will die.

Q: The Rav has been extremely weak in recent days, it’s even hard for him to talk.

A: It’s because of all the things that they are doing. He’s suffering, he’s suffering, because of all the things they are doing. He’s suffering on our behalf, he’s suffering instead of us.

Don’t forget this: he’s suffering for us, and that is the reason he’s got to this. He’s physically not the strongest person, but he’s exactly the ‘picture’ of Moshiah, with all the bandages, which are being changed all the time. He’s weak, he’s got heart problems, and they removed a kidney etc etc, and he had the illness (i.e. cancer) – what else can you do to him?! This is mamash the example given of the Moshiah.

You should know: A lot of the so-called ‘faithful’ will leave Shuvu.

Don’t be scared! Other people will come to Shuvu instead, they will understand what is happening.

Again, if there will be just 10 people, that is enough. I didn’t say that at the end there will only be 10 people, but ultimately, even if there only remains 10 people in this world, who have the merit of coming to the Beit HaMikdash, dayenu (this is enough for us).

But, bezrat Hashem, there will be many more. But, there won’t be billions.


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