Daily Chizzuk: Believe the Tzaddik, that you will succeed

Believe the Tzaddik that you will succeed

Continuing the series of translations of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s words from the You will succeed! book. Click HERE to buy the book in Hebrew.


If a person continues to stay on the ladder, then there is no such thing as a ‘fall’.

Rabbi Natan says, “One who is shrewd, and who believes in the words of the Tzaddik.” We need to be shrewd, in order to believe the Tzaddik, for a person has yeoush (despair), and yeoush is a person’s close companion, and tells him: stay at home. Don’t go to the yeshiva, it’s not working out for you.

Yeoush is a close friend that it’s hard to get away from.

It says to us, no, enough, stop already. You tried and you didn’t succeed, stop already. Why do you need to make any more effort?

Yeoush is a klipa (husk of evil) that’s called ‘Lavan’, which creates thoughts in the heart that a person can’t succeed, or move forward – and this is a lie!


Every single person has wonderful attributes and a great intellect. Just, they need to break all the klipot surrounding them. And one who is shrewd, believes in the words of the Tzaddik.

The Tzaddik is telling you that you will succeed, just you need to smash all the klipot.

If you stay standing on the ladder, so you will climb up it. When you’re standing in an elevator, the elevator rises up, just don’t press the button for one of the floors and then get out of it. Then the elevator will go up.

We need to be shrewd, to believe the Tzaddik, and to believe that the Tzaddik is telling you that everything is coming to you. The ladder is positioned on the ground, and after this – Behold! Hashem will rest on him.


Everything turns around for the good

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