Daily Chizzuk: Don’t dwell on what happened yesterday

It’s forbidden to think about what happened yesterday

Continuing the series of translations of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s words from the You will succeed! book. Click HERE to buy the book in Hebrew.


Every day, everything begins anew.

It’s forbidden to think about what happened yesterday. Yesterday, I didn’t study… I didn’t pray…I only woke up at 1pm…I only woke up midday. Yesterday, I forgot to don my tefillin…

Every day is a totally new creation, it’s like a new incarnation. Whatever happened yesterday, it’s the same as if something happened in a previous lifetime.

Today, I’m going to begin to serve Hashem anew, I’m going to wake up for chatzot (the prayers said at halachic midnight); and pray with the dawn minyan, and travel to Hevron. Afterwards, I’m going to learn the Gemara for 8 hours, and halachot from the Shulchan Aruch, and by way of this, I’m going to rectify the days that came beforehand.


Because if I fall into yeoush (despair) now, this is what the satan wants!

The satan trips us up, so that we won’t pray and we won’t learn, and then he says: It’s all over! He’s already lost.

Every person has a seichel (mind), every person has strength and daat (spiritual understanding). Each person can rise up to the highest of heights. Just that each person has to decide – I’m starting over from today!

Every day, we need to say, From today, our tumah (spiritual impurity) is going to stop, and we’re going to start to serve Hashem!

It’s forbidden for a person to think about or say what happened yesterday. This is not the Breslov way. This is not the way of Rabbenu HaKadosh (Rebbe Nachman)!

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Daily Chizzuk: Don’t Despair of Geula!

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