David will be revealed on Tu B’Av

At 10 o’clock on Tu B’Av, David will be revealed

Words that Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, gave over at the end of last week

Achitophel was a righteous man, but he didn’t believe that David was the Moshiach. Therefore, he has no share in the world to come. ‘David’ exists in every generation….

On THE NIGHT AFTER Tu B’Av at 10 o’clock, David will be revealed.

This evening, we are travelling to Kifel, to Shechem, to Awarta. The Palestinian Police has been nullified, the IDF has been nullified.

The most important thing is Avner ben Ner, who already had Yoav in his hands, and who could have killed him, but who freed him instead of killing him.

Now, it’s the yahrtzeit of the Klausenberger Rebbe. He was the biggest Tzaddik. Everyone will sing [the song that the Klausenberger Rebbe used to sing]:

“From your place, our king will appear.”

You can hear Rabbi Berland’s words for yourself, in the video below (Hebrew, 2 minutes):

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  1. Does he mean this year? Tu B’Av falls out on erev Shabbos this year, so 10PM the night after would be on Shabbos.

  2. Bs”d
    In ERETZ YISRAEL it is yom Shishi,
    15th of Av, 5779 = Fri, 16 August 2019
    ט״ו בְּאָב תשע״ט
    a good day!


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