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Rav Berland at the Kotel

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Sparks of Light, Parshat Behalosecha, 5780

We’re pleased to share more translated gems from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s weekly Torah classes.

Here’s is a short excerpt from this week’s translation:


[The Rav now compares the current affairs of being restricted from going to the Kosel due to the Coronavirus to the restrictions from going to the Beis Hamikdash during the era of Yeravam, the son of Nevat.]

People who would be oleh regel (pilgrimage to Yerushalaim during the three festivals of Peisach, Shavuos, and Succos) were unable to.

Now Shar Shechem (the Damascus Gate) is closed and locked.

Shar Yafo (Jaffa Gate) is closed and locked with a patrol of blockades and police cars. It is impossible to be oleh regel. Just like during the era of Yeravam, the son of Nevat.

“But you have been a snare to Mitzpah and a net spread over Tavor” (Hosha 5:1).

They made blockades on Mount Tavor. During the era of Yeravam, the son of Nevat, they made blockades on Mount Tavor.

They would ask the person; where are you going? If he says to Jenin [an Arab village in Israel], they say ok. However, someone would spy on him; a wagon with four horses. He [the person attempting to be oleh regel] says, I’m travelling to Jenin, to Shechem, to Yosef Hatzadik; they would spy after him.

If they saw him continuing past Shechem, he continues on southwards, they see him up until Ramallah; they see how he passes Ramallah [towards Yerushalaim].

They killed him; let him be stabbed with a sword!

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Past Ramallah, you’re already for sure traveling to Yerushalaim!


You can download the pdf by clicking the link below:

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