Embracing Darkness – Building the Mishkan – Highlights from Webinar class #2

We are pleased to present a short 20 minute clip from the second class of the live webinar which takes place every Sunday.

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Topic of first class:

Embracing Darkness  – Building the Mishkan by Accepting all People

Likutei Halachot Hashkamat Haboker 1:3-1:5

In this class we discuss:
  • Why do we fall?
  • Turning the darkness into light
  • Ups and downs – the spiritual roller-coaster
  • The sign of a true leader
  • How to discover your purpose in life
  • Accepting the outcasts
  • Failure is the secret of success
  • How to fail successfully
  • Building the temple
  • How to heal others

Stay tuned for full transcript

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