Emergency Fundraising Appeal for the Gaon and Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a – The Cry of R’ Meir Malka Shlit”a

Rav Meir Malka fundraising appeal

“We are, baruch Hashem, the students of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a, Hashem should guard him and give him life.  We are turning to you from the depths of our hearts to arouse you to give your best part in the expenditures concerning the Tzaddik.  This situation demands that it be undertaken with the good will to help.  This is the opportunity that is before us.”

The Tzaddik Rav Meir Malka shlit”a opens with a cry from the depths of his heart.

Like all of us, also Rav Malka rejoiced at the welcome release of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a.  However, as someone who is found amidst the inner workings, Rav Malka is very aware of the complicated situation which the Rav shlit”a is found in, and regarding his urgent need for medical care.  Below is the continuation of his words.

For direct donation for the multiple and important expenses for the rescue of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – click here.

Rav Meir Malka shlit”a:

“Let’s contemplate a little bit to see what Hashem has given us – the enormous merit to be a part.  This is painful to hear.  In order to give us – the souls of Israel — the merit… because our merits are in a very, very lowly situation.  What is our point of merit?  What is the deepest point?  Mitzvot and prayer everyone does, but what is the innermost point whose merit sustains us?

“This is through connecting us to this supreme Tzaddik, who really is above!  Therefore, it’s painful to hear, that Hashem in His mercy — as it were, in order to give us the merit — brings the Tzaddik to a situation in which he, as it were, needs our help.

“Our Sages say: [Hashem] made the pauper poor so as to give merit to the wealthy.  So to speak, the pauper himself wasn’t deserving of being poor at all.  However, in order to give merit to the wealthy, Hashem, so to speak, made him poor.  The Rav isn’t a pauper…  Rather, Hashem did [this] for us, in our generation.  It’s not necessary to elaborate.  Every individual knows our spiritual situation…  So what?  Which merit that is true and eternal has the power to advocate for us with great power?  This is through us being connected to the Tzaddik who did merit to this lofty place.

“Hashem did such a thing…  All the years, the Rav has given and given endlessly – his body, his soul, his time, the depths of his heart to each and every soul.  The Rav didn’t stop, didn’t rest, didn’t become exhausted from the holy work of being involved with the souls of Israel.  There are many, many Tzaddikim and Rabbanim who do outreach, but the Rav put his mind on something which isn’t found in our generation – how to offer help to souls who no one wants to, or is capable of, or is prepared to be involved in their rectification.

“There is no need to elaborate.  The Rav brought himself down to these souls from love.  Bringing these souls close came about through the Rav knowing the greatness of their deep inner value, only that the packaging which clothes them is very low — very material.  The Rav in his great mercy and love for the souls of Israel went down to these places in order to lift up and to lift up.  This the Rav did over the course of decades, and only more and more.

“A person with money can buy worlds.  This is the wonder which Hashem has made, that a person through the means of financial assistance buys worlds.  The Or HaChayim writes in parashat Terumah that the Torah commanded regarding the making of the Ark of the Covenant that there should be the carrying poles.  The poles are the rods through which four Levites carry the Ark during journeys.  The Torah commanded [that] these poles should not be removed from it.  This is an allusion: here is guidance to supporters of Torah to not become disconnected from the Tzaddikim, from the learners of the Torah.

“Certainly all those who learn Torah are important, but all the more so the supreme Tzaddik.

“There is another deep allusion, that in the future supporters of Torah will be together with the supreme Tzaddik.  Outside of this merit, what does a person need?  What will benefit him?  And this is multiplied thousands of levels when we’re discussing this supreme Tzaddik whose level is exalted above without end.

“Let’s remind ourselves what our Rebbe Rav Berland has done for the Jewish people.  The situation of the Jewish people today, the teshuva (returning), arousal, the drawing close to Rabbeinu and to Breslov, the great warmth which is seen from the Rav’s followers.  Where does this come from?  This is the supreme Tzaddik who in his great exaltedness can bring this down to souls who are ‘lying in the dust.’ – the Tzaddik has the power to revive them, to bring into them vitality, faith, desire, and longing.

“We say with grief and embarrassment, that Hashem has made it so that this supreme Tzaddik needs us.

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“If we elaborate a bit, our Rebbe Rav Berland’s state of health is very delicate.  This is composed of many, many medical issues.  One health situation demands good and true care, all the more so when we’re discussing many, many…  Then senior doctors are required to enter the situation wholeheartedly… mainly because the situations are changing from hour to hour.

“The meaning of this – lots of money, great expenses…  Already what was until now were tremendous expenses; whether in the past, present, or future – the Rav requires expensive healthcare.

“Fortunate is the sound-minded [person] who enters into this holy union.  True, that healing is from Hashem Yitbarach, but He also has given us this merit, a portion in the health concerns of the great Tzaddik.  He who is sound-minded will give with all his ability… and jump at this mitzvah.

“The Gemara says that this merit isn’t given to everyone.  It’s possible to give Tzedaka to all types of places.  Everything is good, but the merit to give Tzedaka to such an exalted place, regarding this it’s said, ‘How precious is Your kindness, G-d.’  This is not to be found.

“The Or HaChayim says, also in parashat Terumah, that the Terumah/gift is brought with generosity of the heart.  The Michtav Me’Eliyahu writes that the Tabernacle was built from the good of each person.

“If we’re talking about the part of the legal expenses of the Rav, the attorneys who entered the battle, this isn’t a normal battle.  Against them stood and stand – antagonists.  The cost was in very, very high numbers.  Their work is very great, deep and very difficult…  Their work is still needed.

“Fortunate is he receives this intellect and acts according to all his ability.  And he who has a lot of intelligence will act above his ability.  The reward of each person can’t be compared to one another. One person is connected to the Tzaddik and another person also is, but each person is judged according to the level of sacrifice, the difficulty and the effort that each one does.

“Fortunate is he who merits to undertake this holy endeavor and helps — that our portion should be for good, bezrat Hashem.”

For direct donation for the multiple and important expenses for the rescue of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – click here.


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