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"The Rav Mamash is living on miracles" -- The Rabbanim shlit"a encourage the public to donate to help cover medical expenses and for the release of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit"a

Rav Berland taken back to prison
Rav Berland, 83, being evacuated to prison shortly after undergoing 2 difficult surgeries

Emergency Fundraising Campaign!


To our grief, our Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a was cruelly taken out of the hospital on a stretcher and transferred to Ayalon Prison.  This is another cynical move of the authorities in the wake of the hearing that is scheduled to take place this Thursday.  Our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a, in the last few days, underwent two life-saving surgical procedures under general anesthesia.  Besides the complicated surgeries, his weakened medical condition and exceptional age (may he live long), were, according to all opinions, factors requiring his remaining under full observation in the hospital.  However, the prison service, under the direction of the prosecutor’s office, cruelly decided to return Rav Berland to prison.

Rav Ofer Erez shlit”a said in a shiur which he gave over yesterday, “Our Rebbe Rav Berland has 26 different illnesses.  The Rav lives mamash by miracles of miracles which haven’t been [seen] since the creation of the world.”

Rav Eliyahu Meirav shlit”a spoke about the great importance of donating to the fundraising campaign.  Rav Meirav recalled the strong connection between the difficult situation which the entire world is going through and the imprisonment of Rav Berland shlit”a.

“Rebbi Nachman says in Sefer HaMidos (The Aleph-Bet Book in English), that when a Jew is imprisoned — any Jew, it doesn’t matter which Jew — then according to the soul of this person, so too the fountains of Torah and wisdom are sealed off from the generation.  So when the Tzaddik of the generation himself is imprisoned, understand by yourself that everything is closed off — there’s absolutely nothing.

“For this reason, the world now finds itself [in a situation] of total insanity.

“The intention is that according to the aspect of the soul of the person who is imprisoned, the world enters into chaos; and when the Tzaddik of the generation is imprisoned, then Hashem have mercy, you see how the world looks.  Don’t need to tell about the miracles of Rav Berland — it’s enough just to see how the world looks — terrifying.  Wherever you look, it’s falling apart.  What we hear is shocking, both generally and specifically.

“We need to do everything, EVERYTHING, so that our holy Rebbe, Rav Berland should be released from prison.  And, in truth, what is possible to do?  Pray, and say 7 Tikkun Klalli’s, but we also need to raise an enormous sum of money.

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To donate locally in Israel call (Hebrew) — 052-718-4729

To hear the Rabbis of the community speak dial *9148, extension 10. From Europe +44-330-390-0474. From the USA (845) 640-0007.

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“We have an emergency appeal to all those who can and even those who can’t [help], for our sakes if not for his sake.  The Rav is found in not a simple state; he doesn’t have a body.  But us, everyone of us, is found in such constriction.  Therefore, we need to make every effort.  I know that this is difficult, but when the Jewish people are ‘requested of, they give.’ (Rabbi Ba bar Acha said, ‘You can’t understand the character of this nation.  They’re requested [to donate] to the golden calf, and they give; they’re requested [to donate] to the Tabernacle, and they give’ — Yerushalmi Shekelim.)

“We need to do everything so that our Rebbe Rabbi Berland shlit”a will be freed from prison.  For something this big, we need to make efforts in all possible ways.  That they requested to donate is perhaps difficult, but not the end of the world.

“We have to, because when the fountains of the world are sealed shut, the world is destroyed — and everyone who adds, they add to him from Heaven.

“We’re waiting for Rav Berland to be freed, so as to open the fountains of wisdom, and to bring the complete Redemption, G-d willing, that this will be.”

Hear Rabbi Meiravs word below:

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