Emergency Prayer Gathering on Purim 5779, at the Kotel

Prayer gathering at the Kotel

Emergency Prayer Gathering Called During Purim 5779

For the last few months, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, has been warning about the extremely serious situation facing the nation of Israel, and how his own life is hanging in the balance, as a result of the severe judgments hanging over the Jewish people.

During the Fast of Esther, 5779, the Rav again asked the community to make a special effort to pray that he shouldn’t be taken from the world prematurely, something he’s alluded to on other occasions, too.

Last time the Rav said this, his followers mobilized to recite more than 10,000 Tikkun HaKlalis for his recovery.

This time, a few hundred followers display enormous self-sacrifice to come to the Kotel at midnight on the three consecutive days of Purim – Taanit Esther, Purim, and Shushan Purim – to recite the whole book of Tehillim for the Rav’s full recovery.

Bezrat Hashem, may we hear only good news, and may we soon merit to see Moshiach revealed, and geula begun in earnest, the sweet way.

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