The enormous light of Purim

The enormous light of Purim

Purim’s enormous light

From the teachings of Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

Purim is the primary Jewish festival that is capable of pulling a person out of their spiritual blemishes, and which can nullify that awful lust, which is the root of every sin and every disturbance and every harsh decree, destruction and divorce.

It’s the root of the destruction of the First Temple, and the root of the destruction of the Second Temple, because the rebuilding of the Third Temple only depends on the holiness of Purim, which is greater even than Yom Kippur.

As it says in the Tikkunei Zohar, Parshat Noach:

In the future time, Yom Kippur will be like Purim, and the holiness of Yom Kippur will be like Purim,

because on Purim every single lust is nullified and the fifty gates of holiness, and the fifty gates of Binah (spiritual insight) will be revealed. This is the secret of the tree [gallows]of fifty [amot], because Haman wanted to hang Mordechai at the 50th gate of tumah (spiritual impurity).

Mordechai’s prayers turned everything around

Everything was turned over and reversed in the merit of Mordechai’s awesome prayers, and the illumination from the fiftieth gate of holiness travelled out and dropped Haman into the fiftieth gate of tumah where there is no way to be recovered from there…which is called sheol tachtiot (the netherworld, the underworld.)…

And from that place, there was no way Haman could be recovered. Mordechai, with his awesome prayers, continued the light from the keter (crown) of Adam Kadmon[1], which is the secret of: “And Mordechai went out before the king with a big, golden crown”, which was the crown of Adam Kadmon.

And from there, each and every person receives the enormous spiritual illumination during the days of Purim.

Translated from the Shuvu Banim Newsletter #5

[1] A Kabbalistic term.

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