Every Day is Created Anew, The Chol Bird – Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “The Chol bird didn’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge”

Monday, 27 Cheshvan 5783 – “The entire matter of Rabbeinu is renewal”

According to the Midrash Breishit Rabbah, there is a bird called “Chol” [this is sometimes thought to be synonymous with the Phoenix]: “A bird and its name is “Chol,” and death was not decreed on it, since it did not taste the Tree of Knowledge, and at the end of a thousand years, it is renewed and returns to its youth.  The Midrash brings a dispute about the renewal of the Chol bird.  According to Rabbi Yanai, after a thousand years of life, a fire comes out of its throat and burns it, from which a k’beitzah (an egg-sized portion) remains.  Then the bird comes back, grows limbs, and lives.  According to Rabbi Yudan b’rebe Shimon’s view, after a thousand years of life, the body of the bird wears out without burning, “its body disintegrates and its wings come off,” and a k’beitzah remains of it.  Then the Chol returns and grows limbs.  The Gemara explains that the Chol merited to eternal life through the blessing of Noach, as a reward for not requesting food from Noach in the ark, because it saw that he was occupied with feeding the other animals.

These are Rav Berland’s holy words:

There is a Chol bird and it didn’t trouble [Noach].

The Chol bird didn’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge.  It didn’t consent.  When Chava ate from the Tree of Knowledge, the Chol didn’t agree.

And now, we are rectifying the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.  The Chol didn’t agree to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.  Therefore, the Chol is a bird which every thousand years is renewed.  It lives a thousand years; after this it is renewed.  It’s burned, it’s renewed, it’s created anew.

Every day a person is created anew.  Every second, he’s created anew.  The entire matter of Rabbeinu is the new creation.

Rabbeinu says: “I am blind.  I don’t see the world at all.  I haven’t seen the world in my life.”  The Rebbe didn’t see a forbidden sight.  The Rebbe right away closed his eyes.

The Rebbe also didn’t taste from the Tree of Knowledge.  He also didn’t think to taste.  Already before Adam HaRishon thought to taste from the Tree of Knowledge, the Rebbe already flew away [his soul departed from the soul of Adam HaRishon before the sin].

The soul of Rabbeinu is from the Zehira Ila’a [according to Shaar Gilgulim, this is the level of Neshama of Atzilut].  The Rebbe was the Zehira Ila’a.  Chanoch is the Zehira Ila’a.

The entire matter of a person is that he doesn’t see anything.  He doesn’t see any immodesty; he’s not at all capable of seeing this.  He’s not capable of seeing – he vomits.  He sees a woman’s body – he begins to vomit.  He sees a woman reveal a handbreadth, reveal a millimeter, he vomits.

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