Everyone should have only a kosher phone

Rabbi Berland writing a letter

Only carry a certified kosher phone

During the month of Adar Bet, 5779, a new letter was publicized about the need for the religious community to guard themselves from all the time wasting and other even more serious problems associated with the immoral media. Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, recently also signed on to this letter.

Even before doing this, Rabbi Berland has spoken out on a number of occasions about the stumbling blocks presented by modern technology, and how things like smartphones are preventing the prayers from rising up to their proper place, and also preventing the shefa, or spiritual bounty, from descending to us.

We are pleased to share a translation of the wording of the letter with you, below:

“It’s critically important to wake up the community, and to encourage them to clean and cleanse their homes from this [spiritually corrupting] technology.

“It’s known that all of the Gedolei HaDor in Israel have decreed that a person is obligated to be very strict in this matter, to only carry a kosher phone, that has been certified by the Vaad HaRabbanim (Rabbinic Council) which has the specific responsibility for media / technology.

“It’s forbidden to make a hole in the fence by using a phone [that hasn’t been certified by the Rabbinic Council), and there is no need to even say that a person shouldn’t use, God forbid, a smartphone even with filters and passwords, which poses an enormous danger to every person’s home.

“All those who respect the decrees of the Gedolei Yisrael, and who will listen to these stern words – even in those cases where it will cause them some sort of loss – will be blessed with great nachat (satisfaction / happiness) from their offspring.”

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