Everything is Dependent on the Modesty of the Girls and Boys — Daily Shiur

The Daily Shiur of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, given on Monday, the night of 9 Cheshvan (October 23), parashat Lech-Lecha:

So all the girls are lengthening their dresses, young girls, baby girls.  It doesn’t make a difference, from the age of three, they need to lengthen the dresses until the ankle.  All ages, also 1 until 120, until the ankle.  The boys are smashing their Xiaomi.  This Xiaomi is what brought on all the wars, 1,500 killed, 4,000 injured, 250 captives.

So the Radbaz writes in Siman 40 that this is worse than death — being captive is worse!  They’re torturing them there, beating the soldiers, murderous blows, kicking them, breaking their bones.  It’s impossible to describe what horrible torture they’re doing to them there.  And this, says the Radbaz, is worse than death.  Only through the girls lengthening their dresses, then we will merit that no soldier will be killed.

Because Bibi [Netanyahu] got cold feet — poor thing, he’s in terrible fear.  He doesn’t let them enter Gaza.  The English say it’s possible to enter.  The Americans say it’s possible to enter, after such a massacre.  However, Bibi the Pachdan [someone full of fear] doesn’t dare enter.  Yoav Galant [the Defense Minister] has gone crazy because of him; he says, “How could this have happened?  How has he turned into such a Pachdan?”  But we don’t want any soldier to be killed, that no soldier will die.  The whole entrance to Gaza isn’t worth it if any soldier is killed, chas v’shalom.  All the more so if any girl lifts up her sleeve — then a thousand soldiers are killed.  [If she] goes with a tight-fitting shirt, 2,000 soldiers are killed.  And all the boys should smash their Xiaomi; this brought on all the calamities.  This is the new invention of the Satan; this is the Satan himself!  It is the Satan himself that is dressed there!  Every nude picture is [spiritual] damage for all one’s life.  This is damage — a thousand reincarnations will not atone for this.  Every nude picture that a person sees on Xiaomi, or immodest picture, then this is damage for all one’s reincarnations; no reincarnation will help already.  A person enters such impurity, more than the generation of the flood, more than the generation of the dispersal [the Tower of Bavel].  Now [in the parashah, at the time of the shiur] we read about the generation of the flood and the generation of the dispersal; all the abominations that they did [then] — this is nothing like the abominations of this generation, when there is Xiaomi and smartphones, all the latest technology which is being shoved into a person’s face.  Once one had to travel to another city to perform a transgression.  Today there is everything in front of the face, in the pocket.  One press [of the button] and he sinks into seven levels of Gehinom!  Also seven levels of Gehinom will not purify him.  Every inappropriate picture that he sees, also seven levels of Gehinom won’t help.  And this is what was in the terrorists.

Now Nachman Menachem wrote that now he is a scout there in army battalions, because they slaughtered all the army bases in one second.  In one hour they took control of 21 communities, every community 500 terrorists.  The lookouts called the commanders of the air force, of the ground force: 5,000 terrorists invaded, 15 breaches in the fence, every breach 20 meters; they’re entering with jeeps; with tanks they’re entering.  5,000 — they already controlled communities.  They said [in response]: “Stop confusing our brains.  Let us sleep.  Now is Simchat Torah, we drank all night.  Let us…”  At three in the afternoon, they called another time.  [They responded:]  “Manage alone, we’re now in Simchat Torah — ‘Rejoice in your holiday.'”  So all the commanders along with Yoav Galant, with Herzi Halevi [the Chief of Staff], all of them are a band of drunks, of whippersnappers, of thugs, who abandoned the Jewish people, because there’s never been such gross negligence since the creation of the world.  This was not in any place, not by King David, not by King Chezkiah, such gross negligence, such disrespect for human lives.  He says turn the soldiers into cannon fodder.  The soldiers are frightened.  Nachman Menachem says: Everyone is lying under tanks out of sheer fright.  Only yesterday, they hit a tank.  An officer was killed with two soldiers.  Now they hit Kissufim — also an officer was killed.  The soldiers are exposed to anti-tank missiles.  Anti-tank missiles penetrate the tanks, as if it’s [made] of paper, as if it’s cardboard.  All the tanks are not relevant against the new missiles that Hezbollah has, that there are in the north — also several soldiers were killed.  The new missiles of Hezbollah and of Hamas are missiles which crack open all the armor of the tanks, as if it’s paper, as if it doesn’t exist at all.  All the tanks are worthless against the equipment which they brought from Iran.  They receive equipment from Russia.  Our army was revealed to be the weakest army in the world, the most foolish in the world.  Such a foolish army has not existed from the creation of the world.  Bibi stands at the head, and his deputies, Yoav Galant and Herzi Halevi — the three biggest fools in history.  They run the Land, they lead the Jewish people.  This is written: “When the Shepherd is angry at the flock, He blinds the leading goat” (Baba Kama 52a) [Rashi there according to Artscroll: “When God wishes to punish His flock, He causes the appointment of unqualified leaders who make catastrophic decisions for the people”].  Everyone learn [it].

We said that every brother needs to learn with his sister a page of Gemara.  It is all stories, it is all relevant to this period.  Every brother should learn with his sister the Gemara in Baba Kama 50.  There the Gemara explains everything.  It explains about Nechunia, the pit digger, that once, his daughter drowned.  Then Avraham came to save her, because he would distribute water.  Once, there were no kiosks, no bars — there wasn’t.  All the world was a desert; there were no wells.  So Nechunia the pit digger would dig wells, wells from Babylonia — from Charan he would dig wells until Jerusalem, for festival pilgrims.  And this is the entire second chapter of Eruvin, whether it is permissible to give water to an animal on Shabbat or forbidden.  He would dig wells and declare them ownerless for the public [welfare].  So his daughter once slid and fell into such a well.  All of this is on Daf 50 Amud Alef in Baba Kama — this is just stories.  So Rashi says, some elderly man came — she didn’t know who this elderly man was; she was already in the water, a hundred meters into the water: “Three hours I held out; after three hours, I said, ‘That’s it, this is my end.’  Suddenly an elderly man appears, descends toward me into the well, an old man with a white beard until his navel, along with such a beautiful ram, a sweet ram, a cute ram, and he takes me out and saves me and has me ride on the ram.  He says, ‘Yala — get onto the ram [and] I will take you out.'”  Rashi says, “Who was the old man?  This was Avraham Avinu!”  So a little girl of the age of three falls into a well of hundred meters. two hundred meters, maybe three hundred meters, and Avraham came to rescue her.

Avraham Avinu comes to save every girl who goes in modesty, every girl who is holy and pure — then Avraham Avinu himself comes to rescue her!

After three hours, an elderly man comes with a white beard until the navel, and he raises her up.  He raises her up onto the ram and takes her out of the well that Rav Nechunia dug.  All of this is on Daf 50.  Half the Gemara is Agadot.  Everyone needs to read this Agada with his sister, with his mother, to sit the whole family down to read the Agada.  If the father doesn’t read out loud, then the son should read out loud, the brother should read out loud.  We are obligated to read all the Agadot that are in Shas — everything explains what is happening today.

So the Gemara says there [in Baba Kama 52a] before the Mishnah, it says that when the Kadosh Baruch Hu becomes angry at his flock — becomes angry at the Jewish people, he makes the leaders blind, fools.  Such fools have not been since the creation of the world.  So [it says there], “Kad Ragiz Ra’aya — when the Shepherd becomes angry” — Raaya is a shepherd.  “Al Ana — at His flock”  Ana is flock.  “Avid L’Negoda — makes a leader” — Nagoda are the leaders of the flock.  “Samuta — blind” — all of them will be blind.

And this is what is happening today, that Yoav Galant, Herzi Halevi, Bibi himself, that they think that he [Bibi] will save the Jewish people.  He brought us from a bad situation to even worse.  He is only leading us to the bottom pit of hell, to seven levels of Gehinom.  The soldiers are afraid; 400,000 are lying under tanks from sheer fright.  They’re firing missiles at them; they’re firing the most modern missiles at them.  It’s forbidden for them to respond, it’s forbidden for them; they don’t allow them to.  The UN doesn’t allow it, UNESCO doesn’t allow it, UNRWA doesn’t allow it.  Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow it, Iran doesn’t allow it.  What Iran says is holy of holies here.  We’ve reached the lowest level.  Such a low level has not been since the creation of the world.

And this is only dependent on the kosher girls, that this is only the girls of Shuvu Banim, who go with the highest level of modesty!  In the merit of this, may we merit to a complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen!

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