“Everything that Sarah Says to You, Listen to Her Voice” – Daily Shiur by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Before you is the full shiur which our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a gave over on Tuesday, the night of 15 Marcheshvan, after the Maariv prayer:

Then it is written in the parashah, “Everything that Sarah says to you, listen to her voice” (Breishit 21:12).  Rashi says that Sarah was greater than Avraham Avinu, because only Sarah understood the truth.  She understood; she had a sharp eye, she had true Ruach HaKodesh (divine inspiration).  Because in every woman is Ruach HaKodesh, in every woman there is an aspect of prophecy.  Like Serach bat Asher who was a prophetess, because everyone had placed her in excommunication together with her “wicked” father.  She had a “very evil” father, because he revealed the whole secret.  Therefore, they placed him in excommunication.  Until Moshe Rabbeinu came after 250 years – 210 in Egypt [and another 40 years in the desert – then it was revealed that Asher didn’t reveal anything, and that Serach knew this through prophecy].  Because the moment that they descended to Egypt, then they revealed Yosef.  They went to kill and to be killed.  [Yosef] said to them [his brothers], “Why did you come?”  [His brothers said to him], “To kill and to be killed.”  {Yosef said to them,] “What, then you are murderers!”

Even Avraham said, “If only Yishmael should live before You” (Breishit 17:18).  These were the people of “Meretz” [the far-left party in Israel] who [entered his soul in the secret of] ibur/spiritual impregnation…  Because Avraham was “impregnated” with all the souls, with all the souls which would be until the end of all generations.  And the Meretz’im said that they are the most beautiful, the most refined…they are the most spiritually refined.

I say to everyone to sleep until one in the afternoon, because Hashem is one, then to scream that Hashem is one…  What can I do?  It’s hard for people to get up before one.  That they should get up at one.  If not, also two is good.  The alacritous arise at two.  Then, in any case, this is the custom of Shuvu Banim until this day.  Therefore, I’m for this custom.  Therefore, I say to everyone to vote for Meretz; then they will have lots of meretz (alacrity)… and perhaps they will get up in the morning a little bit earlier.

In any case, Hashem says to Avraham: “You don’t understand anything. You don’t see anything!  You’re blind.  What, you don’t see that he is a ‘humanlike donkey, his hand on everyone’ (Breishit 16:12)?

“No, he’s the sweetest thing in the world,” because he had long sidecurls until his waist.  Such a sweetie had never been since the creations of the world.  Such a sweet and cute child.

Ay, he shoots arrows…?   He shoots arrows at birds.  Only by chance did it hit Yitzchak…by chance, not intentionally.  “He in his life – he didn’t intend to kill a Jew…”  A Jew kills an Arab, this is known – such is it according to the thinking of Meretz, who are alacritous, baruch Hashem…  They know that a Jew kills an Arab, but an Arab doesn’t kill a Jew – there’s no such thing.  “Who killed Trumpeldor [an early Zionist leader who fell in the battle of Tel Hai]?  Jewish zealots killed him.”  He is 14 Adar.  Who destroyed Tel Hai, this is…  He wasn’t a member of Meretz, so they killed him.  So everyone knows that the people of Meretz are refine-souled, refined people…  And this Avraham said, that Yishmael is a refined child, and a sweet child, and we don’t throw a child out of the house!  There’s no such thing!  Such a sweet child, to throw out of the house?!  But Sarah said to him, “There’s nothing to do!  This child is the worst!  This is a humanlike donkey – “his hand is on everyone, and everyone’s hand is on him.”  He’ll never be a person.  He’ll remain a humanlike donkey from the day he was born until the day of his death – he’ll remain a humanlike donkey!  He will never change – and no progress, only regression!  So Sarah had Ruach HaKodesh, and she was a prophetess.

And Serach bat Asher, the Baal HaTurim says, how did she know that Yosef was alive – behold, they wouldn’t reveal [it]?  So now they sold Yosef.  We don’t reveal to anyone, also not to Yaakov.  Yaakov says, “A wild beast ate him” (Breishit 37:20).  Yaakov believes that a “wild beast ate him.”  Suddenly, after 22 years, she starts to dance.  Immediately they call…, to the clinic, to send a nurse with an injection.  After 22 years that a person disappears, they begin to dance and sing?!  Why is she dancing?  Tell!  Aba, Saba, Yosef is alive…  No, she would die immediately.  If she had said that Yosef is alive, she would have died on the spot, because Yaakov would have said, “What is this?… You know this from the age of three?”  She knows this.  “How could you not have told me?”  Then she would have died on the spot.  [Therefore,] she had to dance for 24 hours.  Then she sang, “Yosef is still alive, and king in Egypt, and has two sons, Menashe and Ephraim.”

 The shiur begins at timecode 1:32:02

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