Everything turns around for the good

There is an inyan (matter) that everything turns around for the good

Continuing the series of translations of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s words from the You will succeed! book. Click HERE to buy the book in Hebrew.


Everything that is done with a person, this is like shaping a piece of pottery.

As long as the clay is still moist, you can make any shape that you want to. And even if you made some mistake in the shape, as long as the clay remains moist, you can change it and straighten it out, and turn it into a good shape.

The same is true of a person.

Whatever you did, whatever you ruined, or broke, as long as you’re still saying Hashem, forgive me! I regret what I did! – this sorts everything out, and changes everything into something good.

That’s how it is, when we make teshuva immediately, on the spot. Every thought of teshuva we have at that time immediately transforms everything.

A person needs to be clever, and to know that everything that happens to him, and particularly all those situations where he falls down and fails, is because he has inside him some holy spark that is covering him in innumerable wrappings.

Everything is related to the inyan (matter) of tikkunim, spiritual rectifications.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu is transforming everything for the good. Even if a person does the worst deed in the world, if he regrets it straight away, it’s immediately transformed for the good. If there is just one thought of teshuva, Hashem immediately transforms this into a very great good.


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You have a reason to be sad, right now?!

When the Rebbe spoke about shmirat eynayim (guarding the eyes), this is in order for you to start to guard them – but not so that you’ll start to feel sad, now.

The Rebbe spoke with Rav Natan about simcha, happiness, one Shabbat, and told him I didn’t say this in order for you to now start feeling sad. Rather, just so that you would start to work on it. Know, that this is the essence, on Shabbat – to be happy! Start to pray about this, and to do hitbodedut about this. (Sichot HaRan, #155).

The Rebbe says, that as soon as we start talking about something, so a person immediately falls into sadness. He doesn’t understand what’s really going on here.

If we speak about something, so just start to work on it.


Stop drowning in guilt

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