Fiery Flame – Shiur of Rav Berland Shlit”a in Front of Audience of Thousands

Rav Eliezer Berland shlit"a - 13 Tevet 5782. Photo credit: Achrei HaTzaddik

“On the 29th of Tevet was the first trip where we reached Uman.  It was negative forty degrees.  There was very, very heavy snow!  Like [people] hear about in all the descriptions.  A whole book needs to be made about that day – heavy snow that it’s totally impossible to describe.  They needed to go to Shmuel Itzik – this is the loftiest name that there is!  They needed to go and stand by his house in Deshiv.  This was most terrifying – this was fiery flame!  They saw burning fire around the house amidst the terrible snow!  Rabbi Hirsch Leib – it was forbidden to have taken him… left the son of Rabbi Aharon of Breslov waiting for him to finish his Tikkun Chatzot.  This was four hours of fire!

“’FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!’ in terrible screams, terrible cries.  Outside it was negative forty, and in the room it was such fire.  They couldn’t go outside.  All of this was on the 29th of Tevet, Erev Rosh Chodesh.”

So our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a opens his fiery words after the evening prayer – 13 Tevet 5782 – in front of an audience of thousands, the streets filled with stirred hearts, fiery flame.

“Next Saturday night a new year begins.  Therefore, ‘Devar Bito’ brings that one needs to eat fruit immediately on Saturday night, 1 Shevat, because the law will be according to Beit Shamai – in the future, the law will be according to Beit Shamai.  So really Adam HaRishon did Chanukah twice – before, 8 to1 [candles], and afterwards 1 to 8.  In the future the law is according to Beit Shamai.  Then they’ll make Chanukah twice.

Maariv, 13 Tevet 5782 — 1,000’s gathered outside Rav Berland’s home. Photo credit: Achrei HaTzaddik

“So it was 695 years until he [Adam HaRishon] died, not upon us, not upon you.  Then Enosh said: ‘I am G-d.  I created Adam HaRishon.  I created G-d and everyone.’  The generation of Enosh — ‘then it was profaned to call in the name of Hashem’ [that the name of Hashem was treated as if it was not holy – Ramchal].  His name Enosh is [numerical value] 703.  ‘AZ – Then’ is 8. 703 minus 8 is 695.  They made Chanukah every year.  There was Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur.  Everything was fine until Enosh came and turned the order upside down, and turned Chanukah into a holiday of fire.  Today they call it C—–mas.  They took it from idolaters.  Then they light all the lights and candles in their homes along with Chanukah candles [l’havdil].

“Adam HaRishon didn’t succeed in penetrating the light.  Then he needed to come in [the soul] of King David and live another 70 years, to complete the 1,000.  David didn’t live 70 years; this is your mistake!  He lived 1,000, completed the 1,000 of Adam HaRishon.  He came to complete the 1,000 in order to bring down a Temple of fire.  David had needed to complete and bring down a Temple of fire.  Then the terrible mistake happened where he said, ‘You and Tziva divide the field’ (Shmuel II 19:30).  He said to Mephiboshet, who was Yonatan’s son [and the grandson of King Shaul], who was crippled in his legs and didn’t manage to reach the terrible journey to Machanaim.  For half a year, he [David] was in exile.  The entire Jewish people rebelled against him.  His son [Avshalom] organized the rebellion.  In the end, 20,000 died; lions ate the people.  But for a half-year he was out of the yeshiva, out of his house, tortured and pursued with the Urim and Tumim.  Then Achitophel said to run after him immediately – immediately!!  Then Chushai HaArchi foiled Achitophel’s advice and said, chas v’shalom, now he’s in the field prepared.  We’ll wait for him to settle down, to calm down, so he’ll be tranquil, not so alert.  Then we’ll attack him, take him out in one moment.  Hashem made it so that Chushai HaArchi’s advice to wait would be accepted.

“Then because he [Mephiboshet] didn’t manage to make it to the exhausting journey, he said, ‘You and Tziva divide the field of Shaul.’  A heavenly voice went out: ‘Now you’ve lost everything!  Yoravam and Rechavam will divide the kingdom.’  Because he accepted Lashon Hara (evil speech) – because of a drop of Lashon Hara…

“Rechavam wanted for all of this to be rectified.  Rechavam the grandson, the son of King Solomon the Tzaddik, said, ‘I will rectify [this].’  Then he ordered a thousand bags of scorpions.  Ten he received as an inheritance, and we have this outside; anyone who wants a few scorpions will receive for free.  Rechavam said, ‘From today there will be the scorpion method – that anyone who gets up after four in the morning will receive a bag of scorpions – they’ll be poured out on his bed.   Not like Solomon when a person will get up at 10, 11, 12…3 pm.  Stop eating chocolate.  The woman comes [home] and her husband is [still] sleeping.’

“This is the problem of Gittin, that the husband continues to sleep calm and serene, like Avshalom.  The woman sends the children to school, feeds them, prepares for them sandwiches, manages to go to work and come back, and her husband is still in the upper worlds, taking a stroll in the Garden of Eden, in the highest firmament…

“Then Rechavam said, ‘By me, there will be no such thing!  By me, they’ll only receive scorpions.’  Because who says such nonsense?!  This was the ‘counsel of the youths.’  If they were Torah sages, Shuvu Banim, yeshiva students, then who would say such nonsense [that immediately the nation would hate him]?  A person wants to be prime minister, king – say ‘scorpions’?!  The opposite – say that everything will be for free, like the secular say: you’ll receive everything for free!  Then already for two years they can’t go to the beach.  They received such Corona, so that anyone who goes to the beach received a fine of 5,000 shekels.  They said, ‘Everything will be free’ – what free!?  Then Rechavam said, ‘By my father Solomon, you did whatever you wanted, but I want the Holy Temple to be built!’  The sign of Scorpio, the month of Cheshvan, the Temple will be built.  We’re now in Tevet – the sign of Capricorn.  Then in this month the Temple will be built!  Already before the month ends, a Temple of fire will come down!  We’ll see the Temple come down from heaven and there will be the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen!”

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