For the first time in English: Tefilla L’Ani for Shavuot

Tefilla L’Ani in English for Shavuot

For the first time ever in English, we’re please to offer a compendium of prayers written especially for the festival of Shavuot, by Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

When you buy the Tefilla L’Ani for Shavuot in English, you’ll receive a hard copy in the mail, and also get instant access to download the PDF.

Rabbi Berland has stated on a number of occasions that getting his prayers into every Jewish home has deep spiritual significance in relation to bringing the geula (redemption) of the Jewish people the sweet way.

So we’re very happy to be able to offer the Tefilla L’Ani for Shavuot, for the first time in English.

Please go HERE to buy.

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