It’s forbidden to judge another Jew harshly

throne of glory

It’s forbidden to judge another Jew harshly

Excerpt of a shiur given over by Rabbi Berland on the 24th Iyar, the day of netzach she be yesod

The ikker (essence) of the work now is to sweeten everything.

Now, both Balak and Billam are ruling in Israel. Armilus is going to come, Heftziba will blow on the shofar, then Armilus will come.


Two billion, 600 soldiers will come, like what happened with Avraham, and like what happened with Sancheriv.

Nevuchadnetzer saw the angel, and afterwards saw him again by Hananyah, Mishael and Azaria.

It’s the virtue of a person, to see the angel.

A person comes to the world only to see the angel. A person was created in order to see the angel. The whole of Torah 1 in Likutey Moharan, Part 2 talks about the angel that’s bound to the kisey (throne), the kisey hakavod (Throne of Glory).[1]

It’s assur (forbidden) for a person to l’hakpid (judge harshly) any other Jew, even if he doing all the evil things.

It’s forbidden to judge them harshly! He’s going to merit [to see] the angel, he will merit that the angel will reveal himself to him.



[1] That lesson in Likutey Moharan 2:1 begins thus:

“Blow the shofar on the New Moon, at the set time for our festival.” (Psalms 81:4)

“The Jewish person was created to have authority over the angels.

This is the ultimate purpose and goal of the Jewish person, as our sages said, “In the future the realm of the tzaddikim will be further inside than that of the angels…for the angels will have to ask the Jewish people when they will want to know what God has done.

“Now each and every individual must see to attain this goal, to have authority over the angels. However, one must take care great care to see that one is capable of abiding in this position of authority, so that the angels do not become jealous of him and cause his downfall. This is because the angels are extremely jealous of such a person who has authority over them, as we find our Sages saying about several great people whom the angles wanted to oust (Chagigah 15b).

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“The way to do this is to bind oneself to the souls of Israel, and by virtue of this binding one will be spared from them.

This is alluded to in, “Taking hold of the face of the throne.” (Job 26:9). One must bind oneself to the roots of the souls that are hewn out from under the Throne of Glory, which is, “The Mother of all life” (Genesis 3:20).” – See more there.


“The coming of Moshiach depends on people coming close to the Tzaddik”

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