From the Temporary Redemption to the Complete Redemption – The Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – We are in the process of redemption, when will be the final redemption?

Tuesday, 17 Tevet 5783 – “The time of Gog and Magog is still far away”

These are his holy words:

Until the end of the 6th millennium, it’s written that until 28 years before the 6th millennium [we are now in 5783], we are ruling over the Land of Israel.

The Zohar says that the final redemption will only be 70 into the 6th millennium.  Until then, [the rule] will be divided – nine months Yishmael will be here, and nine months the children of Edom will be here.  They’ll come from the Vatican.  Russia will come, Putin will come.

Putin says [that] if you tell me not to make a war in Ukraine, I will conquer all the Land of Israel from you.  You’re telling me to give back Ukraine?  Why did you conquer the Golan?  They’re claiming that everything is occupation.  [According to them,] we are a country of terrorists.

However, until 28 years until the sixth millennium, they won’t have control.  We are now in a temporary redemption of 200 years from 5708 [1948, the year of Israel’s independence] until 5972 [28 years before the end of the 6th millennium].

The Rambam says 972 in the 4th millennium [e.g. 4972].  The Rambam makes a calculation from the creation of the world until Bila’am, and after that from Bila’am until our day.  From Bila’am until our day comes out 972.  This is 7 years after the passing of the Rambam.  The Rambam was supposed to be the King Messiah.  No one could write a work such as this that the Rambam wrote.  This wasn’t a human hand.  It’s impossible – this is 14 volumes.  It has a command over all the laws in Sifri, Tosefta, Yerushalmi, all the laws.  Wherever there is any law, everything is put in order like a computer, as if a computer had ordered it all for you.

So here in chapter 28 [in the Rambam] it’s written that 28 years before the end of the 6th millennium, that this is called two-thirds of an hour.  If we divide a thousand years by 24, then it comes out 41 years and 8 months.  This is called 42 years – the name of 42 [“Mem-Bet”].  The name of 42 is three times “Yad” [14].  [See Likutey Moharan 46].  [Editor’s note: If we treat every thousand years like a day, and so divide it up by 24 hours, we get 41 years and 8 months for every “hour,” two-thirds of which is 28 years.  So we come to two-thirds of an hour, which is 28 years, before the end of the sixth millennium — 5972.]

So two-thirds – 28 years – before the end of the sixth millennium, Yishmael will come and conquer Israel.  Then we will need to flee – everyone, like they fled in Chanukah.  Now we explained [in the beginning of the shiur] why there is no remnant for victories.  Because there were no victories!

The Greeks didn’t give up.  They came every year with a new army, so many generals.  When Nikanor arrived, he came with a thousand elephants and 100,000 troops.

We are very far away from Gog and Magog

In tractate Nedarim 32, it’s written that the same number [of soldiers] came onto Avraham and onto Chizkiyah, and the same number will come in the future in Gog and Magog.  Gog and Magog will only be in the sixth millennium.  In Zohar [Hadash] Balak, it’s written that this will only be in the month of Cheshvan in the year 70.  Now we are very far away from Gog and Magog.

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Mashiach will be revealed in the year 70 of the sixth millennium [e.g. in 6070].  Only then there will be Gog and Magog.  Mashiach will come in a chariot of fire, on horses of fire.  He will come down from the firmament.  Before this, he will disappear for nine months, and [people] will need to run to the desert.  And after the nine months, the King Messiah will come from the Garden of Eden with a chariot, with horses of fire.

The War of Gog and Magog, and then also Shimshon will come.  Shimshon HaGibbor came and said, “I’m only taking revenge for one eye.”  [“I will exact vengeance from the Philistines for one of my two eyes” (Shoftim 16:28).]  He brought down a whole building and killed 3,000 people from a million who were there.  3,000 were only on the edge of the roof; altogether there were a million men there.  There were definitely several million there, only that on the edge of the roof there were those who gazed to look at Shimshon.  Everyone squeezed in to see that they were making a mockery of him, that they tied him there to a millstone.

Shimshon said: “Now for one eye, I’m taking revenge.  This, that I brought down a whole building with 3,000 men on the edge of the roof and a million men inside, is only for one eye.”  The second eye he will revenge with the King Messiah.  Shimshon will come with the King Messiah.

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