Gehinnom Was Created from Whining — Torah and Prayer on the Value of Gratitude

Rav Berland learning
Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit"a learning

Prayer of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, and holy words on the value of gratitude and the great importance of this attribute, from the book “Todah v’Hoda’ah.”

From whining, Gehinnom was created

(Translated from the book Todah v’Hoda’ah — Siyach Sarfey Kodesh)

Get use to thanking people

A person who is accustomed to crying gratuitously about what is happening to him, and it’s hard for him to thank Hashem for this, when he does give thanks, he always feels that it’s hard for him and that he is thanking gratuitously, because it seems to him that he doesn’t need to give thanks when he is in a situation like this.  One needs to break this trait and always thank Hashem for everything.

A person who isn’t accustomed to thanking people will never become accustomed to thank Hashem.  Therefore, for every good that you receive from another person, make sure that you reciprocate him with thanks and gratitude, and through this you’ll learn also to thank the Creator, may His Name be blessed.

Lucid prayer from our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a (from the book Todah v’Hoda’ah — Tefilos al Todah v’Hoda’ah)

To merit to lucid and pure faith in Hashem and to merit to stop complaining and whining — to only thank Hashem

Ribono shel Olam — Master of the World, All-Capable:  Give me the merit to complete faith in Hashem, to lucid and pure faith, to faith of “true and faith is all this.”

Please Hashem, in Your mercy let us merit to know that all the wisdoms are only drawn from You, and all the realizations are only from You, and all the understandings are only drawn from You, and all the riches are only drawn from You, and I will not praise myself for foreign wisdoms which are not from the wisdom of the Torah, because all the heresies are drawn from pride and from invalid arrogance.  And let us merit that Hashem Yisbarach should help us not to fall into any pride, and that all our days will only be in humility and lowliness, because pride is the blemish which invalidates in the holy.

Because the Jewish people are holy and pure to the ultimate degree of purity and lucidity, because through meriting to complete humility, one merits to know Hashem, to praise Him for every single thing, because Hashem wants only kindness and generously benefits us, and the entire problem is that we don’t thank Him enough.  Rather, the opposite.  We are still complaining and lamenting.

Therefore, Hashem Yisbarach, let us merit not to complain anymore and not to whine anymore, and from now on to always be an aspect of a baby who was born at this moment.

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