Gmar Chatima Tova!

The website would like to wish all our readers and followers a


May we all be sealed in the book of life, and in the book of Tzaddikim.


We will not be updating the site for a few days, over Rosh Hashana 5780, but we want to draw your attention to the many books we are putting out in English, over the coming days and weeks.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s ADVICE – is already out, and can be bought HERE.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s PRAYERS – could be out either just before Rosh Hashana, or immediately afterwards.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s MIRACLES – is scheduled to come out for Yom Kippur time, BH.

And of course, you can still buy One in a Generation, Volumes I and II.

We have plans in the works to publish many more books for the English-speaking public in 5780, with Hashem’s help.


So we wish you, and all of Am Yisrael, a very happy Rosh Hashana 5780!

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  1. Bs”d

    Thank you for the beautiful wishes.
    May we all speak only LASHON HA KODESH soon and not need any English books, in the mean time, may all the books bring a lot of BRIGHT LIGHT INTO THIS world and change it into the world we are waiting for.
    Thank you for all the good work you do. לְשָׁנָה טוֹבָה תֵּחָתֵמוּ וְתִכָּתֵבוּ!

  2. For those folks in Israel/Europe/England, you can also get Rav Berland’s books from Amazon Israel! That should reduce shipping costs and delivery time.

    The URL is: In the Search field on the top of the page, type in “rabbi eliezer berland” (without the quotation marks), and you’ll get the entire list of available books.


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