Gog and Magog has started

Still of Rabbi Berland talking about Gog and Magog to the crowds at Hevron

Gog and Magog Started on Sivan 4th, 5779

Rabbi Eliezer Berland gave over a hugely important message about the war of Gog and Magog on Thursday (June 6th, 2019) night’s prayer gathering, which saw thousands of people come to the holy city of Hevron to join together in prayer with Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Rabbi Berland gave over the following very short, but very meaningful message:

“Today is the 4th of Sivan [5779], and Gog and Magog will be in [the month of] Heshvan. All the nations will gather together against Israel. Moshe will blow on the Shofar HaGadol (the Great Shofar), and the whole Torah will be heard from one end of the world to the other.

Then, all the nations of the world will come. They will come on ships.

It’s written in the Zohar (at the end of Parshat Ki Tavo) that the whole sea will be filled with [war] ships. Then the sea will split, and open. In the month of Heshvan, there will be the apex of wars. Sivan 4th is the beginning (of Gog and Magog), and in the month of Heshvan, the Third Temple will be built.

“We need to not give up. Everyone repeat, ‘it’s forbidden to give up’. And then, the Temple will be built that will never be destroyed ever again.”

These are the words of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, at the ‘Matan Torah’ prayer gathering that took place on Thursday night, June 6, 2019, with thousands of people in Hevron.

You can see the video of Rabbi Berland giving over this shiur yourself, below:

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  1. Kalman, thanks for posting this!

    I was at the prayer rally, but it was quite difficult to make out anything that the Rav was saying.


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