Hashem Doesn’t Forgive Also those who Didn’t Protest the Persecution of the Tzaddik and his Followers – Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The holy words and advice of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, taken from shiurim:

“Channah prayed to Hashem” — Chanukah are the letters of Channah Ko, and the Holy Ari says that through the prayer of Channah, there was the miracle of Chanukah.  Channah prayed about Chanukah and about the War of Gog and Magog.

About the parshiot Chayei Sarah, Toldot, and Vayetzei emerge a million questions.  You need to learn the parshiot with the commentary of the Ben Ish Hai.  All of parashat Vayetzei deals with thefts:  Rachel steals the terifim of Lavan; “Yaakov stole the heart of Lavan, because he fled”; Yaakov says to Lavan, “…it was stolen by day and stolen by night.”  Lavan deceived Yaakov without end.  Leah screams at Rachel, “Why do you steal Yaakov from me?”  All of the secrets and questions flow from the fact that parashat Vayetzei speaks about the mystery of the joining of the partzufim of Rachel and Leah.

Eliezer, Avraham’s slave, had many questions about Avraham.  Every second more and more questions came to him until the word “silent” – “He remained silent.”  There all the questions were answered.  Because he saw that Yaakov and Esav needed to come from Yitzchak.  The word “silent [macharish],” is the numerical value 558, exactly Yaakov and Esav.  Then it was revealed to Eliezer who Yaakov Avinu is, that his likeness is engraved on the Throne of Glory.  Yaakov Avinu is completeness.  Eliezer understood that Avraham Avinu doesn’t make any mistakes in life – the true truth was revealed to him.  If a person is silent and nullifies himself to the Tzaddik, and doesn’t ask questions, he merits that they answer all his questions.

All single men and women who want their soulmate need to say for forty days after the Morning Blessings chapter 24 in the book of Bereishit.  Lechatchilah it’s worthwhile saying twice a day, and bedi’avad once.  There the Torah speaks about the pairing of Rivkah and Yitzchak by Eliezer.

In every generation, Mashiach needs to arrive, and Hashem puts this off.  Hashem is waiting for people to return in teshuvah (repentence) through choice.  Hashem is waiting for the arousal below and then Mashiach will come.  If people don’t do teshuvah, then Mashiach won’t come.

From today, each person needs to say before sleep chapter 4, verse 8 from Micah, over a course of forty days.  Whoever says this forty days, every day, will merit to bring the Mashiach.

There is only one verse in the Torah about “the cleft of the rock” (Shemot 33:22), and there is a connection to this to the month of Tevet, and it’s good to say this verse, because it’s the strongest in the Torah: “When My glory passes by, I shall place you in a cleft of the rock; I shall shield you with My hand until I have passed.”  There all the secrets were revealed to Moshe Rabbeinu, the 13 attributes of mercy.  There, the skin of his face radiated.

Only someone who prays with kavanah (focus, intention) merits to the truth.  Someone who doesn’t pray with kavanah doesn’t have the truth, and he doesn’t have Heavenly assistance.

A person who is a man of truth, they send arrows at him from all directions, and the more you are a man of truth, so they send at you more arrows, make more controversy about you, and speak more evil gossip about you.  Hezkiyahu was fitting to be Mashiach.  Therefore, Sancheriv came upon him with 2,600,000,000 soldiers in order to wage war on him.  This is exactly opposite 100,000,000 Havayot (100 million times 26).  Because if one blemishes the name Havaya, destroyers come.  The arrows were aimed for the man of truth [Hezkiyahu], because the more truth a person is, the more Hashem tests him to see if he breaks, or G-d forbid, falls to despair, or strengthens himself in faith.  The more a person is a man of truth, the more they fight against him.

Sancheriv arrive with all his soldiers in Jerusalem on Passover eve, and Hezkiyahu says, “I’ll make Seder night like usual [went to sleep].  Sancheriv doesn’t exist at all, there’s nothing.  There’s only Hashem Yitbarach.”  Like Miriam said to her father Amram when he divorced Yocheved: “Aba, there is no Pharaoh at all.  Pharaoh never existed.”  If Amram had stood the test and hadn’t divorced his wife, the complete rectification would have been made.

Hashem swore that there would be the decree of Sancheriv, and that he would arrive with his soldiers in Jerusalem, but then Hashem would destroy him.  This is also so with the Tzaddik – it’s not relevant to pray that the controversy and evil gossip against the Tzaddik will stop.  It will come in great quantities like Sancheriv who came onto Jerusalem.  You need to pray that the light of the Tzaddik will be revealed.  Hezkiyahu was certain that everything is vapor and that Sancheriv with his soldiers don’t exist at all.  In order to make the miracle greater, Hashem brought them to Jerusalem, and there he turned them all into dead corpses.  A person who is a man of truth, Hashem swears that there will wars against him.

You need to be knowledgeable in the order of all 21 kings of Judah: David, Shlomo, Rechavam ben Shlomo, Aviam, Asa, Yehoshafat, Yehoram, Achaziah, Yoash, Amatziah, Uziyahu, Yotam, Achaz, Hezkiyahu, Menashe, Amon, Yoshiyahu, Achav the Second, Yehoyakim, Yehoyachin, and Tzedkiahu.

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All the tragedies and holocausts come about because [people] see that they’re persecuting the Tzaddik and everyone is silent.  If they would protest, there wouldn’t be tragedies.  Everyone saw that they were pursuing King David and everyone was silent.  David was with 600 people only, with babies in their hands.  They ran from forest to forest, and from hill to hill.  They didn’t have airplanes and cars.  They walked barefooted.

All that they disputed David — that he needed to wander about with 600 people and babies — occurs to this day.  Everyone who was there then is present until today.  People are born today, and thousands of years ago they were among the pursuers of King David, or they didn’t protest.  They allowed David and his people to run barefooted with babies in hand.  Hashem doesn’t forgive.

If they had clung to the Tzaddik at the time of the Holocaust and said “in the merit of the Tzaddik,” they would have sweetened all the judgements.  When they hold onto the Tzaddik, they sweeten all judgements.  The true Neturei Karta (Guardians of the City) are those who are close to the Tzaddik.  The Tzaddik guards everyone, the whole world.  The Tzaddik is the morning, he is the Yechidah, he is the true light.  He has 370 myriads of light.  So have we found the Tzaddik?  People despair!  But a person must say that he doesn’t despair and continue to search for the Tzaddik.  It’s not enough to search for the Tzaddik.  You need to search more and more.  To wait.  Not to be alarmed by the evil gossip.  To wait until Hashem reveals the true light.

A person who lives outside Israel and who could ascend [relocate] to the Land of Israel and doesn’t ascend   – this is a tragedy.  Every second of not ascending to Israel is a tragedy.

One needs to get out of the known blemish, from the spirit of folly.  If [?} learns Kitzot HaChoshen, this is very difficult.  The Kitzot strengthens the mind.

Thousands of people in the world have passed the age of 100.  There is someone who reached 140.  It’s possible to go through the 100 easily, not to eat a lot.  Food blocks the capillaries, the veins, the arteries.

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