Hitler was a reincarnation of Napoleon

The Greek Parthenon

Hitler Was A Reincarnation of Napoleon

Excerpts of a shiur given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, on the second night of Chanuka 5780

Chanukah shines with the light of Ein Sof (the Infinite light) from the seven candles.

Everyone should be careful to light seven candles on Motzae Shabbat. Tonight we light two but on Motzae Shabbat we jump to seven, and on Sunday we jump to eight. Seven is the seven Sefirot: Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut and then (on the eighth day) we go up to Keter.

Therefore, on Chanukah we rise up to Keter because the Chashmonaim rose up to Keter, and Yehudit cut off the head of Nikanor.

Because Nikanor said he was going to conquer Jerusalem, as the Maccabies had no strength. All these things are above nature. They (the Maccabies) weren’t able to stand up to an army of 100,000 or 200,000 or 300,000. The killing of Nikanor was already after they had conquered Jerusalem.

It’s written that they conquered Jerusalem without any battles. Here in Jerusalem, there were no battles. Here, there’s Shuvu Banim, so there weren’t any battles. So too, then, there was Shuvu Banim.


The last battle was at Tzur.

Tzur is south of Bethlehem. The last battle took place there. After two or three months, they said now we’re going to Jerusalem, to conquer Jerusalem, that’s to say to begin a world war, and then America and Russia will come, and they began to send armies from all the world.

What? The Jews will take Jerusalem? That’s the end of the world!

The entire argument between Yaakov and Esav was over who would take Jerusalem.

This is all the initial letters[1] of who will take Jerusalem, the world fought, Napoleon fought. Napoleon wanted Jerusalem. Just he said that if he conquered Jerusalem he would lose Akko. To lose Akko would be to lose all the world. Whoever conquers Akko, conquers all the world.

The key to all of the world is the Land of Israel.

If Napoleon would have conquered Jerusalem… but in the meantime, the English General Smith arrived, because Admiral Nelson, poor thing, became blind. He lost an eye and lost an arm. He was the greatest General that sank all of Napoleon’s army. Then Napoleon said, if I conquer Jerusalem, I’ll lose Akko. First of all, Akko, and then Jerusalem. Because Akko is a port where they enter.


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So, he, (Admiral Nelson) was already injured. He was in Napoli, lying in hospital already for half a year after he lost his arm and his eye (in other battles, not in the battle against Napoleon). They called him Mendelson (Nelson) and he became the greatest Admiral in Europe after he sank all the ships (of Napoleon). He didn’t have even one ship left.

Even though he (Nelson) came with small ships and he (Napoleon) had big ships. The small sank the large. And this was the biggest miracle. If not, he would have conquered Eretz Yisrael, and then conquered all the world.

Napoleon said, the first thing he would do would be to wipe out all the Jews.


Hitler was a reincarnation of Napoleon.

He said the first thing he would do would be to wipe out all the Jews. The Jews get in the way, they’re a bone in the throat, it’s impossible to get anything done whilst there are still Jews in the world. Obama said, if there are Jews in the world, the world is lost.

He said, the problem is only the Jews, that’s the problem, wipe out the Jews and that solves everything. There’ll be a normal world, an organised world, there’ll be order in the world. Here everything is a balagan (a mess). Look at Shuvu Banim, it’s all a balagan. There became a balagan in all the world, and it’s impossible to make any order out of it.

So, first thing is to wipe out the Jews.


Hitler said, we need to wipe out the Jews.

He said, I’ll conquer America and I’ll wipe out all the Jews. And then he went to conquer America. This was a minute before he was going to conquer America, exactly then they exploded Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is ‘a port of pearls’.

They say that they (the Americans) knew. Because they (the Japanese) travelled 7,000 kilometers. How didn’t they see it? They had radar, everything. 7,000 km they travelled from the islands of Japan to Pearl Harbor. Because he wanted to go to war, because the Americans didn’t want to go to war.

They said Europe means nothing to us. But if he (Hitler) conquers Europe, he’ll also conquer America too. He already sank a million tons of their ships, so they had no strength left, because the whole matter was to nullify Malchut Yavan (the Greek Kingship).

Malchut Yavan is in all the generations. Now too, America is Malchut Yavan, Russia is Malchut Edom (the Kingship of Edom/Esav).


The Maccabies defeated the Greeks, there’s no remnant of Greece.

It’s a new nation now. Egypt too has no remnant, there’s no Egypt, by the Second Temple there was already no Egypt, they were already extinct. Now, there’s no longer Edom, no Moav, no Amon, nothing today. They’re all extinct. But there is still Amalek. The Nazi’s were the descendants of Amalek.

The war on Chanukah is against Amalek.

We need to wipe out Amalek. All of Chanukah is about wiping out Amalek. We’ve got five days left to wipe out Amalek. We lit the second candle. In the next five days we need to wipe them all out. Because the five (days) represent Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach-Hod, Yesod. That’s five Sefirot.

Whoever merits these five Sefirot, the Sefira of Yesod… On Chanukah, we merit the Sefira of Yesod. On Chanukah, we merit shmirat habrit (guarding the covenant) and then we can wipe them all out.


The whole matter of pure olive oil is to be holy with the holiness of the brit.

If there’s one family that guards the holiness of the brit, it’s possible to wipe out all of the Greeks. Therefore, we light immediately at shkia (dusk), whilst there’s still light. To show that this is not darkness against light. This is to exterminate completely, to completely exterminate Malchut Yavan (the Kingship of Greece) so that no memory of them remains, no one, no Greece.

They’re a different people (today) Huns, Gutim, all types of nations that conquered Greece. There’s no longer any Greece. It’s already, 2,000 years that there’s been no Greece. At the (destruction of the) Second Temple there was already no Greece, there was only Rome. After Chanuka, there was only Rome, Greece was already extinct.


All the work is to exterminate Greece completely.

Therefore it says (in Zechariah, 9:13), “And I awoke your children Zion over your children Greece”. Greece (Yavan) is spelt yud, vav, nun. So, what’s the tikkun (rectification)? To add a Tzaddik (the letter Tzadik) to the word Yavan to make the word Zion (tzaddik, yud, vav, nun). The entire tikkun is only to believe in the Tzaddik, after Greece already ruled over the whole world, everyone became Hellenists[2].

In any event, the whole miracle of Chanukah is to uproot Greece from its roots. So, only through, “And I awoke your children Zion over your children Greece” when we add the Tzaddik to Yavan to make Zion.



[1] The Rav explained this concept in an earlier shiur given on Tuesday of Parashat Yitro 5779. He said then, how do we know that the entire argument between Yaakov and Esav was over Jerusalem? Because it’s written, “I have much my brother” (Bereshit 33:9), “I” = 40, “have” = 310, together = 350, “much” = 202, together = 552, “my brother” = 19, making 571. How much are we missing to make the numerical value of Jerusalem (596)? 25. We got to 571, so in order to complete the extra 25, we need to add the numerical value of the next word (in that sentence), “yehi” (there will be)… this comes out at 596 (the numerical value of Jerusalem).

[2] [From the Rav’s words:] All the secular are Hellenists. They want to live with the Arabs, they want to give Jerusalem to the Arabs, everything. The main thing is to be Prime Minister, and when (they give Jerusalem to the Arabs) then he’ll live in Savyon, or live in Tzahula.

Benny Gantz said that he’d go with the Arabs. It doesn’t matter to him now. He wants to be Prime Minister. He said he’ll go with the Charedim, with the Arabs, because it doesn’t matter to the Charedim at all, because either way this isn’t kingship. This is the kingship of the sitra Achra here. They don’t believe in this type of kingship, so it doesn’t matter who is king. Putin’s coming, maybe we’ll make him king. We’ll see.

Maybe Shuvu Banim will vote for Putin.


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