How Blue and White Lost The Election

Simchat Torah Hakafot HaShneeyot

How the prayer gathering swung the election

Comments made by Rav Eliezer Berland after prayers on Sunday, April 7th 2019:

Tomorrow is the prayer gathering, and we’re going to nullify all the decrees of the Zionists, who want to ‘cancel’ Shabbat, so that all the malls and the stores will be open on Shabbat. They want to do the most terrible things in the world, they want to outlaw Brit Milah, they want to make it illegal to read Megillat Esther, because ‘how can the Jews have killed 75,000 people?! (Esther 9:16) When did you ever hear of something like that?! Only the Nazis would do something like that, may we be preserved from sin….’

Comments made by Rav Eliezer Berland on election day, April 9th, 2019:

Shuvu Banim votes Gimmel [the letter on the ballot slips associated with the United Torah Judaism party]. Anyone who is Shuvu Banim has some sort of kinship or closeness to the Tribe of Reuven. Shuvu Banim is the Tribe of Reuven, everyone should see that they vote Gimmel. And so it’s written, that we are saved from the sitra achra (dark side) only by way of voting Gimmel.

In truth, whoever doesn’t vote, their vote actually just goes to the chilonim. Now, Gantz and Lapid announced that they will remove the whole Torah. They are going to open the stores on Shabbat, [allow] the tram [to operate] on Shabbat, they aren’t going to surrender. Now, they’re acting as though they’re men obsessed….

According to the exit polls, they already have 31 seats, so they can already form a government, even with other Jews.


Ultimately, the prayers of the holy congregation had their effect, and the decrees of the Zionists – who actually believed they’d won, at one point on election night – truly were nullified.

Ashreynu, Ashreynu!

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