How Can I Control My Fate?  The Woman’s Self-Sacrifice – Daily Chizzuk by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “Through the power of self-sacrifice, the woman merits to more than the man”

Tuesday, 3 Sivan 5783 – You need to draw close those who are distant.  There is no one who does not want to do teshuva

These are his holy words:

One needs to get up before sunrise.

The light of the morning is the sun, because a person needs to get up before sunrise.  If he gets up after sunrise, he misses out.  This is like catching the train while it’s [already] travelling.

If you want to control the day, to control what happens in the world, you must get up before sunrise.  If a person gets up after sunrise, he loses out; everything goes backwards for him.

If a person wants to control what happens…  This is what King David said, “Like the morning light when the sun shines” (II Shmuel 23:4) – that he rules over all the creation.

A person all day just needs to say Tehilim non-stop, without interrupting.

Why did Yael take a tent peg and not a knife?

Why didn’t Yael take a knife in order to kill Sisra – rather, take a knife!  Stab him with a knife, with a pocket knife.  A peg is wide – how can it enter a temple?  Sisra will wake up.

Yael said: No, I’m taking a peg!  Peg [yated] is exactly the numerical value of “And Sisra’s mother sobbed [vateyabev]” (Shoftim 5:28), as if to say that Sisra’s mother saw the peg.

About Sisra’s mother, it is written “Through the window…through the small window” (ibid.).  By Avimelech, it is written, “Avimelech, king of the Philistines, gazed through the window” (Bereishit 26:8).  What did they say?   That the window was open?  What nonsense!

No!  “The window,” says the Zohar – this is sorcery.  Avimelech had sorcery whereby he could see what was happening in secret.

You need to draw close those who are far away [from Torah and Mitzvot].  There is no person who does not want to do teshuva [repentance].

It’s written that if Yaakov had accepted Timna, then Amalek would not have been born.  But Yaakov did not want to receive Timna – so Amalek was born.  Timna already wanted to do teshuva [Timna was the concubine of Eliphaz and the mother of Amalek].

Timna saw Yaakov, such a shining face.  She wanted to do teshuva, but Yaakov didn’t want to accept her to his seminary – so Amalek came out.

The administrators of the educational institutions are guilty for what is happening today, because there is no person who does not want to do teshuva – there is no such thing!

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Sisra was a righteous man, a good man, a holy man, but what can be done – they didn’t accept him into yeshiva.  Maybe they threw him out also – so he took revenge.

“And Yael went out toward Sisra and said to him, ‘Turn aside my lord, turn aside’” (Shoftim 4:18).   Fine, Sisra came in unsuspecting.  He was a simple person.  He believed her.  Behold, it is written, “For there was peace between Yavin king of Chatzor and the household of Chaver the Kenite” (ibid 17), and Yael was from Chaver the Kenite, from Yitro.

Yael took a tent peg which is something wide, which doesn’t even penetrate.  Sisra was supposed to wake up – this was a miracle.  “She stretched her hand to the peg, and her right hand to the laborers’ hammer” (ibid. 5:26).

King David is spiritually bound within all the Tzaddikim.

“At her feet he knelt, he fell; where he knelt, there he fell, vanquished” (ibid. 27).  Vanquished (shadud) is the numerical value of [the angel whose name in abbreviated form is] Mem-Tet, which is an allusion that also Mem-Tet was spiritually bound within Yael.  “Blessed by women is Yael, wife of Chaver the Kenite; by women in the tent will she be blessed” (ibid. 24).  “By women in the tent will she be blessed” is the numerical value of 1100.

1086 is exactly the numerical value of Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah, that Yael is greater than them, because she sacrificed her soul, and if we add another 14 for David, then this together is 1100.  Very simple – we have seen that the soul of David is spiritually bound in Yael and in all the Tzaddikim, even though King David had not yet come into the world, it doesn’t matter – the first light is King David.  The first light that Hashem created in the world is King David.

Before all the lights, it is King David.  Every person who learns Torah receives a spark from David, because David sacrificed his soul like Yael.

Through the power of self-sacrifice, the women merits to more than the man.

After this, Yael was reincarnated in Eli.  Every woman who sacrifices her soul will be the Kohen Gadol.  A woman sacrifices her soul so that her husband will learn, for livelihood, childbirth, and for everything – in the next Temple, in the Third Temple she will be the Kohen Gadol.

It’s impossible to understand what is childbirth, that a woman goes through it.  Every birth is a risk to life.  Every birth is terrible suffering.  A man couldn’t stand a single second of such suffering.  A woman can go through 24 hours of horrific suffering.  Only a woman could tolerate this – therefore, every woman will be in the end the Kohen Gadol.

Heichal HaBracha says that women are higher than men.  The woman will be higher than the man, because she goes through real suffering.  This goes according to the suffering, according to the anguish.  A man doesn’t go through any suffering.  Every half-hour, a cup of coffee with cake – with this a person goes to the Garden of Eden?  Straight to Gehinnom.  The woman cannot eat – she doesn’t have time to eat.  The woman gets up at night.  It makes no difference – neither day or night.

It’s impossible to describe what a woman goes through.  It is written in Heichal HaBracha that a woman is her husband’s crown – she will merit to Keter (Crown), to the light of the morning, to the hidden light.  Each one will merit in the end to the hidden light.

So we spoke about this that Yael was reincarnated in Eli, and Eli had needed to rectify the spark of Aharon, because Aharon did not sacrifice his soul in the sin of the Calf.  This was a very great lack.  Therefore, he [Eli] had to fall at the age of 98.  He fell on his neck and broke his neck.

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