How Rav Berland Learned with his Son Every Day – Daily Chizzuk with R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Rav Berland learn with children

The Daily Chizzuk with our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – Learn with the children, this is all their vitality!

Monday, 29 Shevat 5783 – “Thousands of angels which were created through one’s learning say with him Shalom Aleichem”

These are his holy words:

A person begins to learn at eight in the morning until 8:30 pm, or from 9 [in the morning] until 9:30 pm.  With the prayer, he managed to say 600,000 letters.  He said Tehilim, did hitbodedut, this is 600,000 letters.  Then he needs to say Shalom Aleichem at the Shabbat table.

600,000 letters times the six days of the week [all the angels that a person creates with their learning], this is 3,600,000 letters – all those angels that a person created with his learning say with him Shalom Aleichem.

A person needs to know that if he began Shacharit – today, we start Shacharit at 5:30, sunrise is at 6:37.  From 5:30 am until 6 in the evening is twelve and a half hours – he didn’t leave the yeshiva.

He stayed in the yeshiva.  He brought sandwiches to the yeshiva.  He fasted all day.  He will eat in the evening at 6:30 pm.  He needs for twelve and a half hours not to eat anything.  He can drink something, a drop from the faucet, bring with him a bottle of milk or carrot juice.

Then a person in twelve hours can manage to say 744,000 letters.  After this he goes to sleep.  He comes home, reads Kriyat Shema with the children.  After Maariv until the children fall asleep, he learns with them the parashah, a little bit of the Gemara that they learned.

The child needs to see that his father sits with him.  I would sit with Nachman [the Rav’s son, who is sitting next to him] always before he went to Cheder [children’s Torah school], in the morning, early, before he went to Cheder.  At a quarter to eight, he already left the house to go to Talmud Torah “Torat Emet.”

So, from 7:30 until a quarter to 8, fifteen minutes, we would review all that he learned the day before.  Because at night, I returned late; so in the morning, before he went to Cheder, 7:30 until 8.  Nachman would get up early.  He would get dressed in a second.

In this way, one needs to conduct oneself all one’s life – whatever he learned yesterday, so he knows that he will review it with his father.

Then he has a bit of vitality, a bit of enjoyment from learning.

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