How to Sweeten the Judgment before the Trouble – Daily Chizzuk by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “The Rebbe says that there is no judgment which cannot be sweetened”

These are his holy words:

We would dance for hours.  We would finish the prayer at four in the afternoon.

The Rebbe says that the main thing is the melodies and the dancing.  The main thing is to toss up the heels.

Therefore, they [the dogs] didn’t eat Isabel’s feet.

Isabel was a reincarnation of Kozbi, and they didn’t eat her legs, and not the hands and not the head.  She would nod with her head.  He would know how to nod with her when dancing at a wedding.  She made movements with the hand, with the feet, with the entire body.

With the melodies and dancing, it is possible to sweeten all judgments in the world.  The Rebbe says that there is no judgment that cannot be sweetened.

Rabbi Nachman of Horedenka asked the Baal Shem Tov if it is possible to sweeten something.  The Baal Shem Tov answered him, that certainly it is possible to sweeten, only that you do not know.

Certainly, it is possible to sweeten.  A person can live for 120 years.  There is no decree which is impossible to sweeten.  A person, in potential, needs to live until 120 years – if he makes [others] dance and dances, then every day he sweetens the judgment of that day.

Therefore, one needs to always arise before there is blue in the sky.  When there is blue in the sky, then they decree the judgments which will be that day, chas v’shalom.  There won’t be an accident, the child won’t be ill, that there will be something.  Suddenly, the bus runs him over.  Everything is decreed when there is blue in the sky.  So whoever arises before [there is] blue sweetens the decree.

Therefore, in Tzitzit, there is the strand of Techeilet.  Rashi says [at the end of parashat Shelach], that the strand of Techeilet is named after the death (shichul) of the firstborn – the language of “tachlit (end).”  The Gemara says that by Rav Chisdah were 60 bowls [which went to] waste in every meal, and by Rabbah there were 60 funerals. [Rav Chisda had 60 weddings, Rabbah 60 funerals, Rav Chisda put out the finest wheat bread for dogs and it went to waste, and Rabbah put out barley bread for humans, and it was finished up].  Rabbah lived for 40 years and Rav Chisda lived for 92 years.

Techeilet is the language of “tachlit (end),” from the language of shichul (bereaved), that the Techeilet eliminates all the enemies.  A person walks with a strand of Techeilet, then it is impossible to do evil to him.  No one can do evil to him.  No one can harm him.

Eight strands are eight days from 14 to 21 Nisan, from when they left Egypt until the song on the sea.  The strand of Techeilet eliminates all the adversaries in the world.  Therefore, we go with the strand of Techeilet, and we need to go before there is blue in the sky.  Always be awake beforehand.  Then there is no decree that isn’t nullified.

Hashem said to Yerovam: Come, Me and you, and Ben Yishai, and we shall stroll together in the Garden of Eden.  Yerovam asked Him: Who is at the head?  As if to say, in whose head is this?  Because all thoughts of repentance that we have until the end of all generations come from King David.  David is the Tzaddik who is inclusive of all Seven Shepherds.  David is inclusive of all Seven Shepherds.

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Therefore, the Rebbe says that the main thing is Torah with melody and dancing.  The whole prayer, the main thing is melody and dance.

The prayer itself is ten minutes and it’s over, but we dance a little before the prayer, a little after this, sing, dance – sing, dance, then this causes all the letters to ascend.

There are three Kuf’s in three parshiot: Korach, Chukat, Balak.  In each one of them is one Kuf.  In Korach, the Kuf is at the beginning.  In Chukat, the Kuf is the second [letter], and in Balak, the Kuf is third – because the Kuf is appointed over Gehinnom.

The Zohar says (page 242 in Vayikra) that Tet is in Luz – in Jerusalem all the letters shine.  On the Temple Mount, there are all the letters.

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