“I Will Be What I Will Be” Sent Me – Shabbat Shemot with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

After the past Shabbat in which Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a did not feel well and did not attend Shabbat prayers, on this Shabbat – Parshat Shemot – we merited to spend time in the shadow of the Rav Shlit”a.

We merited on Shabbat evening to a prayer of two and a half hours.   Kabbalat Shabbat lasted around a half hour, and likewise Maariv and the Shabbat Zemirot (songs) were with vitality and melody.

The following morning, we merited to Shacharit of close to four hours.  Shacharit itself lasted around two hours.  This was followed by the Torah reading of Parshat Shemot, which lasted around an hour with the many celebrations taking place in the community.  The prayer for the new month along with Musaf lasted around a half-hour.

After Musaf, the Rav gave a shiur in which he talked about Datan and Aviram, who did not want to believe in Moshe and Aharon, and thought that they themselves were greater.  Therefore, they received blows in Egypt (by the Egyptian officers), and this is the secret of “You have made our very scent abhorrent,” that they received such blows, that an odor emerged from their flesh.  Likewise, he spoke about the leftist demonstrations, saying that their goal was against the Tzaddikim.

On Shabbat afternoon, the Rav came out to Minchah close to sunset.  This was followed by the Third Shabbat Meal, a shiur in the book “Pele Yoetz,” Maariv and the Melaveh Malchah meal with a shiur in “Chayei Moharan.”  All of this lasted for around three hours and fifteen minutes.  Altogether, we merited during this Shabbat to nine and a half hours of prayers with Moreinu HaRav Berland shlit”a.  Fortunate are we that we merited!

Photo Gallery (Pictures courtesy of “Hitchadshut” magazine – Yisrael ben Ari):

Maariv of Motza’ei Shabbat:

During Havdalah:Handing out Shiraim in Melavah Malkah:

Writing a prayer during Melavah Malkah:

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Giving shiur in “Chayei Moharan” during Melaveh Malkah:

Zimun on a cup in Melavah Malkah:

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