Important Fundraising Appeal – Rabbi Moshe Tzanani Shlit”a

Rabbi Moshe Tzanani

The tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Tzanani shlit”a – “Bezrat Hashem, that everyone should be included in this holy place by donating well to this holy place.”

The Shuvu Banim Breslov Rabbinical Council comes out in a holy call for the important appeal

The words of the tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Tzanani shlit”a:

Holy Community!  Here, baruch Hashem, is the Beit HaMidrash of the tzaddik.

Rabbeinu writes that the tzaddik builds the Tabernacle in every generation; there all the souls gather…the students of the tzaddik, and from there the sweetening of judgements emerges.

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The whole life spirit and breath of holiness for the entire Jewish people, everything is through the power of this Beit Midrash.  All the shiurim and prayers which the Rav gives over here – this is what really brings the redemption and removes the judgements from the entire Jewish people.

However, like they say – if there is no flour, there is no Torah, and now the [last] penny is gone from the wallet, literally.  We mamash are really, really asking the public to donate to the Beit Midrash, and through this, mamash everyone will be included in this holy kibbutz (gathering), in this holy place, in this holy sanctuary – this is mamash the heart of the Jewish people.

Then, those have a fixed monthly donation should be blessed with all the blessings, but there are still many who are not assisting.  We are mamash begging everyone to join in and help.

There is something which is especially very great, through which a person can assist the tzaddik also materially.  Here, with prayers with the tzaddik, there is spiritual assistance; this is a very awesome assistance, but a person can also merit [to assist] materially.

What does this mean?

There are many material needs of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a – medical, for example, etc., etc. – that this costs a tremendous amount of money, really.  If, chas v’shalom, the Rav doesn’t receive his medical care – the best, most expert doctors, then chas v’shalom…  everything is built on the Rav.

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And mamash, you should know, that those who are present here [who are working on everything around Rav Berland shlit”a] are literally sacrificing their souls, but they require the help of everyone.  It’s impossible without the help of everyone.  They are mamash falling under; there’s nowhere from which to take out money.

Anyone who donates to the Beit Midrash and the Heichal HaKodesh, and the needs of the Rav – it’s all one thing – there’s no doubt that they will see miracles and wonders.  There are many who experienced this mamash, experienced this themselves, mamash miracles and wonders in everything that [they] need.

Bezrat Hashem, that everyone should be included in this holy place through donating well to this holy place.

Thank you.

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The call of members of the Rabbinical Council to join in the important appeal:

For the words of the tzaddik, Rabbi Meir Malka shlit”a, click here

For the words of the tzaddik, Rav Ofer Erez shlit”a, click here

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