In Av, We Reach “Your Sin Is Absolved, Daughter of Zion” — R’ Eliezer Berland shlit”a

Rav Berland at bar mitzvah

Amazing shiur given over by our Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a from Tzalmon prison on Motza’ei Rosh Chodesh Av 5780

“That Mashiach ben David Your servant will come, redeem, appear, be desired, be heard — to arrive is called to touch.  ‘And Novach went and captured Kenas and its suburbs and called it Novach after his name’ (Bamidbar 32:42).  ‘These are the mitzvos and laws which Hashem commanded through Moshe to the children of Israel in the Plains of Moab, at the Jordan, by Jericho.’ (Bamidbar 36:13).  Chazak chazak v’nischazek.  That Machir ben Menashe is Novach who will bring the redemption, because he is Mashiach ben David.  Nechemia was Mashiach ben Yosef, Ephraim was Mashiach ben David.  They received the Torah.

“On the first of Av, a Temple of fire descends.  ‘Your sin is absolved, daughter of Zion.  He will not exile you again.  Your sin is recalled daughter of Edom.  He revealed your sin’ (Eicha 4:22).  From the first of Av we are in ‘Your sin is recalled.’  5780 ‘Your sin is recalled.’

“‘Your sin is absolved, daughter of Zion.’  The ‘Yavan’ from ‘Tzion’ descends, descends, descends; and the Tzadi brings everything up.  This is the matter of Chanukah, it brings everything up.  This is the tzaddik — the miracle of Chanukah is the light of the tzaddik.  Without the tzaddik, it’s forbidden to declare war; this is against the halacha.  No one can know if he’ll be victorious, but the tzaddik knows.  The Chazon Ish says that he sees everything.  The heart says to him, that he has Divine inspiration.”

To hear the whole shiur in Hebrew, click here.

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