In-Depth, Comprehensive, and Enthralling Investigative Report on Rabbi Berland shlit”a

In-Depth, Comprehensive Investigative Report on the Gaon and Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a written by Rabbi Yair Mor

Here we are presenting an in-depth and comprehensive investigative report on Rabbi Berland shlit”a written by Rabbi Yair Mor.  Here is his opening statement:

“The document before you was created after much dilemma and questions regarding what is happening with Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a.  Really, I had questions, but on the other hand it’s not to be taken for granted that we would oppose a Tzaddik without at least investigating in-depth and seeking to know the truth about this entire story.

“The contents were written as a response which I wrote to my good friends, and it’s basically personal stories, of how I went from sneering at people of Shuvu Banim to, in the end, the other side, to great emunah in Rabbi Berland, and, most importantly, to strengthening in avodas Hashem.

“The response brought here is, practically-speaking, for all those watching from the sidelines who with honesty and goodwill want to hear the entire truth!!

“It will take ten minutes to read everything that is written here, but afterwards you won’t be the same!

…on the condition that you read until the end…

Most importantly the last part…”

Tell me!?  How can it be that the most libeled politician in the country…someone about whom day after day terrible and awful reports are publicized about him and his family…that all broadcast media outlets–visual, written and electronic–are full of people who say that he’s a real danger to the country…What’s the chance that someone like this would [even] merit to 10 supporters??

However, it turns out that specifically the outrageous headlines, the tendentious investigations, the horrible libels…specifically, they are what protects him and keeps him in his job–in the position of Israeli Prime Minister, for which he has served for the longest period ever. (At the time of writing, in the third round of elections of 6 Adar 5780 [March 2], the Prime Minster received 1,349,171 votes!!)


Rather, we the citizens pick up on something psychologically and express resistance to the very thought that someone is trying to brainwash us and that if they condescend to us enough, they think that we’ll buy it.

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It emerges that all publicity pushes people, but not always in the direction that the publicists desire…sometimes also in the opposite direction…

Now we’ll change the subject.  There is one man who, in recent years, they publicized news about him that was uncomplimentary (to say the least), of all categories and types, mamash!!! They call him Rabbi Eliezer Berland!

What hasn’t been publicized about him?…articles in all media formats–recordings, films, etc….took money from people, suspicions about 1001 things…

Anyone who doesn’t know him personally or hasn’t read books about him and the like said to himself at first thought (myself, for example), “Here’s another person who they caught…” “Too bad…today anything can happen…what’s more, a Rabbi who’s such a tzaddik!!!”

And so I was with such a feeling for several months!

And between myself and I, I scoffed at the people who were with him, going with him to all the countries where he went in the exile.

Nonetheless, I was very curious to know and to contemplate what was really inside of these Chasidim.  Who are they?  Violent?  Disturbed?  Or just dazed…

After all that was publicized about their Rabbi, they continue to go with him…??

And here I point out that I have no background in Chasidus or with the community of Shuvu Banim of Rabbi Berland!!

One day, it happened that I stopped for a hitchhiker, and he said to me that he needs to go to Rishon Letzion.  Being that I live in the surrounding area and that he looked like a serious person, I took him.

On the way, he tells me that he is, no more and no less, going to a “gathering” (that’s how he called it) opposite the “Shalom” courthouse in Rishon Letzion—against the incarceration of Rabbi Berland!!!

I continued to travel with him together and didn’t say one more word on this subject.

We arrived in Rishon Letzion and I let him off in front of the courthouse, and [then] I saw a parking spot really close.  Then I found myself getting out and starting to walk in the direction of the gathering.

I prepare myself “spiritually” for the entire sight that I will see there.  There were what looked to me like 2000 people.

I go inside between the people deeper and deeper and try to get close to the police block opposite the courthouse doors.  There were throngs of police holding hands in order to form a human fence…

I search for some chaos, pushing, posters against the court, police, and state…screaming at the police and the like.

I didn’t find it.

I walked around and saw men, women, adolescents, babies in baby carriages.

All of them are turning in a direction that’s not clear, but I don’t understand. They appear to be very normal people.  What’s their connection to everything that was publicized about them in the last week, and to the suspicions about their Rabbi?…

([It’s worth] pointing out that there were all types, even a portion from the Religious Zionist [community]…)

Then they started praying out loud and with a melody: “Shema Yisrael” and so on.

And here I had to take one picture…

And here something broke in my heart.  I saw something pure and true!!  I’ll now explain in depth what I saw!

You see people who are really serious, healthy in their souls and bodies…praying to Hashem in devekus…And nothing else makes any difference to them!!

In protests like we’re used to seeing, in general, there’s some kind of an outburst of energy (positive/negative) that comes out of the “happening” against the police, or someone against the other side…

But here I saw in a conspicuous way (and even took a picture) that the participants weren’t wasting even 1% of their energy there at the gathering against the police, court, or the like.

Netto: Trust in Hashem, and faith in Who you need to turn to.

I said, “There couldn’t be any way in the world that they’re ‘deceiving themselves’ and coming to strengthen some Rabbi who, as it were, is dubious.”

I stood next to them in total concentration and tried to discern if these people were frauds?  Or in a dazed “cult” like [the media] tried to present them…

In order to make sense of it, in the following days I decided to investigate for myself.

  1. An article on Rabbi Berland

Over the course of the confinement of Rabbi Berland in prison, a prisoner who spent time with him in the same cell told of the miracles which he saw, etc.

I said, “Fine with the miracles, nice…what’s the bottom line?  How does an 80-year-old man behave in prison?”

I quote from the article:

“The Rabbi is found all day with his large tallis on him…also, he always sleeps with it.  He learns all the time; also when he eats, the book is in front of him.  When he sleeps, it’s with the book open on his face.  From his standpoint, nothing moves him–you see a person who is completely and totally avodas Hashem, serving the Creator. He is null and void to Hashem’s rule.

“When they brought the Rabbi, he had one big admirer here.  I understood from him that there is a big evil decree.  Therefore, the Rabbi needs to be here.”

From my point of view, this is the most reliable source, being that this is a man who was in the same cell with him prison, and he isn’t his publicist or a party with vested interest.

(Like social networks, which are usually the most reliable…stories from the real world without lies or parties with vested interest)

Outside of this, I paid attention to a detail which switched on a red light by me. The Rabbi said to him: There are evil decrees which stand to come on the Jewish people.  Therefore, the Rabbi is going through what he is going through.

However, all the negative publicity against him only creates a boomerang effect, and he continues to go out and be better known and to make things happen all the time…and tons of people who never heard of him are drawing close to him…

I began to put the puzzle together in my head

  1. Rabbi Berland changes one’s worldview

How did I come to this conclusion?

Let’s go back a few years…

I read a number of books by Rabbi Berland’s student, Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit”a.

I started with the book “Garden of Emuna,” and then the “Garden of Gratitude.”

These books changed my worldview, mamash!

We’ll touch on just one detail:  Say thank you on everything big and small, and mainly to say “thank you” also for the things that aren’t good that happen to us…not to cry and bemoan them…Rather to pray to Hashem from a different direction…simply to begin to say Thank You!

For example:

Instead of:  Hashem, why do I have a minus in the bank

Say: Thank You, Hashem, that we’re in minus…

(Hashem is watching over us and hasn’t forgotten us)

And this will work and salvation will appear, as it’s written, “Who preceded Me and I will pay him.”

First say Thank You and then work the salvation.

You missed the car in the parking lot at …?

(Instead of …), simply: Get out of the car and say with a smile, “Thank you, Hashem!”

These books: The Garden of Emuna and those like it, got into every place–Charedi, secular, Religious Nationalist, universities, hospitals, etc.

Rabbi Arush saved an entire country…

Today, it’s very trendy in Israeli society to say thank you for everything…

(For example, the “Thank You, Aba” sticker of Osher Ad)

Then I remembered that I saw in the book that the Rabbi who taught Rabbi Arush was none other than Rabbi Berland!!!

(Rabbi Arush returned to Judaism and learned by Rabbi Berland and assisted him for more than 25 years!)

I said to myself, “It makes no difference to me what they are saying about him.  I owe him gratitude for this student that he brought to the world, Rabbi Arush.”

Take note: Rabbi Arush says in the introduction to “The Garden of Gratitude” that the entire purpose of Thanks and gratitude is to atone for the 40 years that Israel complained in the desert, until today.  To be [worthy] of the complete redemption now, among other things, one must thank Hashem all the time, even for the things which pain us.

And I continue to put the puzzle together

  1. Gedoley Yisrael on Rabbi Berland

Rabbi Dov Kook:

Here are the words of Rabbi Kook which are the secret of the entire episode around Rabbi Berland:

Rabbi Ofek Cohen Zada transmits a message from Rabbi Kook who said himself in the course of the 3rd Shabbos meal, that he sat in the transcendental worlds along with the Baba Elazar zatza”l before he was murdered and with Rabbi Berland shlit”a.  Hashem said to them that there are evil decrees on the Jewish people. They requested that He should have mercy on His children, but Hashem Yisborach said to them that the attribute of judgement is making accusations, and it [can’t be] quieted except through self-sacrifice.  Only if one of you is murdered, the second goes into exile, and the third accepts upon himself disgrace will the attribute of judgement be quieted.

The Baba Elazar handed himself over to death for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Berland jumped and accepted onto himself terrible disgrace.

They reached Rabbi Dov Kook who agreed to accept onto himself exile, however because he is a Cohen and his responsibility is to elevate the prayers of the Jewish people, Rabbi Berland jumped and said that he would also take upon himself exile.

It’s possible to say about these things that someone imagined [them] and told stories like these…

…but the truth is stronger!!!  And it’s possible to understand from the processes that are happening here that the Tzaddikim Baba Elazar, Rabbi Berland, and Rabbi Dov Kook are sweetening evil decrees from the Jewish people.

A link to the words of Rabbi Dov Kook

To the words of Rabbi Dov Kook, click here

Rabbi Yoram Abergel zatza”l

A man relates in the name of Dan ben David, who asked Rabbi Yoram Abergel zatza”l: “Honorable Rabbi, there’s a lot of things being said about Rabbi Berland shlit”a.  There are those who say such and such, and there are those who say such and such…

“Rabbi Yoram zatza”l gave me a big smile and said quietly in my ear, “Rabbi Berland shlit”a rules in [all] 24 tribunals in the upper worlds.”

Rabbi Yoram answered in such a fashion that you don’t need to hear any more to understand who he is.

Rabbi Yoram passed away and his children tell in simplicity that he departed as atonement for the generation.  Someday it will happen that we will know what happened here!!

Link to Rabbi Yoram Abergel on Rabbi Berland

To the words of Rabbi Yoram Abergel click here

Rabbi Reuven Elbaz:

[Rabbi Elbaz] comes to a bris by Rabbi Berland and afterwards is a guest in his house.  He comes to encourage him after he came out of prison.  There is a picture of them, one falling on the neck of the other.  You can see the great appreciation of Rabbi Elbaz for Rabbi Berland (a picture worth a thousand words!!!)

Rabbi Reuven Elbaz with Rabbi Berland, click here

The Kabbalist Rabbi Amos Gweta shlit”a from Netanya (Rabbi David [Abuhatzeira] from Nahariya sends him people to receive his blessings):

People asked Rabbi Amos when will all the disparagement and suffering that Rabbi Berland is undergoing finally end.

Rabbi Amos answered: “Rabbi Berland takes everything onto himself — he takes all the suffering of all the Jewish people onto himself!”

Rabbi Amos continued, saying: “We tried, several tzaddikim, to lighten [the burden of] suffering from Rabbi Berland using spiritual methods, but Rabbi Berland refuses to allow any tzaddik to help him in this.”

He wants to do everything alone.

Rabbi Amos said to us that all that people are saying about him and are trampling on Rabbi Berland…everything is his will.  He does everything in order to cancel evil decrees and to do good for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Lior Glazer:

[Rabbi Glazer] explains well who is the Tzaddik Rabbi Berland:

“Rabosai, show me students like Rabbi Berland has.  Who knows Rabbi Tzanani, Rabbi Malka, Rabbi Ofer Erez, Rabbi Shalom Arush?  Rabosai, did you ever pray in Yeshivas Shuvu Banim?  You feel like the Shechina comes from the Kosel to stop and rest at Shuvu Banim.  What prayers!  What fire!  What a community!  Rabbi Berland says, ‘Rabosai, there are harsh decrees in the world.  We need to sweeten the decrees and dance the whole night.’  People in other places stand and just clap their hands on Simchas Torah, but in Shuvu Banim they dance there all night.”

For the link to the recording of Rabbi Glazer, click here

Rabbi Badani:

He says regarding those who are denigrating and opposing Rabbi Berland – “This is wickedness, asur [forbidden].  Someone who does something like this will have to give an accounting.  Anyone who publicizes [bad] things about Rabbi Berland transgresses a total isur and mamash inherits gehinom.  Is it permissible to just stam like that, on no basis, speak lashon hara [evil speech] about a Torah Scholar?”

Several times [Rabbi Badani] exerts himself to encourage [Rabbi Berland] and to pass on a message to the public in the most clear way possible: “I am on his side, and this Rabbi is a complete Tzaddik!”

Link to Rabbi Badani

To the words of Rabbi Badani on Rabbi Berland, click here

Link to Rabbi Badani’s visit to Rabbi Berland’s yeshiva

Rabbi Badani visits during the Torah lesson of Rabbi Berland, click here

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zatza”l greatly loved Rabbi Berland, as is well known to everyone, and said about him that he could be Prime Minister (it probably occurs to us that [he means] that he will sit in the Israeli government…but by Rabbi Ovadia, there is another “government” on his mind…those who will understand will understand…

Personal testimony from Rabbi Arush: “Rabbi Ovadia greatly loved Rabbi Berland…”

Not everyone knows or remembers, but the reconciliation meeting between Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu and Rabbi Ovadia was in the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva!!  As is known, Maran Rabbi Ovadia requested of Rabbi Berland that he pray for Rabbanit Margalit A”H. (Testimony of Rabbi Eliyahu Sheetrit)

His grandson relates: When someone came to relate the news and what is occurring surrounding Rabbi Berland, before he could open his mouth at all, Maran said to him with his Ruach HaKodesh (divine inspiration) in this language: “Be careful and watch yourself!  You’re about to speak about an incredibly holy Tzaddik”.

As is known, the Steipler, the father of Rabbi Kanievsky, 40 years ago was the learning partner of Rabbi Berland shlit”a.  He knew with Ruach HaKodesh what kind of person was standing in front of him…

Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein shlit”a responded to the arrest of Rabbi Berland, and said: “Hashem will be with you and see your suffering, and see your pain.  And He will help you in everything – and the entire Jewish people will rejoice together with you – when we all will rejoice in your salvation…

Rabbi David Abuhatzeira from Nahariya:

He says that “this entire lowly plot, and that anyone who dares to disrupt the peace of this holy man, Rabbi Berland—who I know personally to be perpetually learning Torah, who sits day and night in study, who serves Hashem and is totally spiritual and nullifies his body completely—[anyone who harms him] will be harmed because of this.”

And he met with him on 17 Adar, 5778.  He related to Rabbi Berland with great honor, stopping kabbalas kahal for 15 minutes which he spent only with the Rav.  Then Rabbi David added and requested that Rabbi Berland enter his study hall and learn for the [merit of the] souls of his ancestors…

The Chief Rabbi, HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, zatza”l said before his passing to his wife, Rabbanit Tzviya Hannah Eliyahu, that Mashiach was supposed to come already several years ago, only that he was supposed to come [in a state of harsh] judgement.

He said that three tzaddikim took upon themselves suffering in order to put off the final redemption for some years and to sweeten it.  He mentioned two of [the tzaddikim by name]: one of them was Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a and the second was Rabbi Dov Kook shlit”a.

The Chalban (“Milkman”) Rabbi Hayim Cohen zatza”l (The Baba Sali revealed him and said to people to go to him and receive his blessing)

Someone said that all the time, [the Chalban] needs to warn and inform people about evil decrees that are revealed to him from Heaven and then afterwards it happens that, as it were, it’s [seemingly] shown to not be the case, and nothing noteworthy happens…therefore, they asked the Chalban, “You always inform us [of things] and [then] they don’t occur?…”

The Chalban answered: “What can I do?  There is one Tzaddik that they call Rabbi Berland who always cancels the harsh decrees.”

You understand?  Rabbi Berland, who today is suffering disgrace, sees the evil decrees and cancels them!!

Photographed and filmed, the following link to the Chalban with Rabbi Berland, click here

Rabbi Shteinman: They asked him about Parshas Korach–How do we know in each generation who is on the side of Korach and who is on the side of Moshe?  Rabbi Steinman said to them that he who stays silent–this a sign that he is right!!

Rabbi Grossman from Migdal HaEmek,  Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Ifergan, Rabbi Batzri, Rabbi Yaakov Ades, Rabbi Yisrael Sharet, Rabbi Meir David Shmueli, Rabbi Menashe Amon, and more and more Tzaddikim, from all places and from all communities, all of them are pleading—Don’t be on the side of those who are disparaging the Gaon and Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a!!  There’s a terrible decree in Heaven and through his power he nullifies it!!

For the reasons for the Corona virus, the Kabbalist Rabbi Menashe Amon, click here

Link to more things that are very clear from Gedoley Yisrael

Recordings of statements of the Rabbis shlit”a, click here

Ask me: Why don’t the great Rabbis in the Chareidi community stand up and say out loud that Rabbi Berland is a great tzaddik?


Rather, it’s possible to understand that this is simply the goal of Rabbi Berland to receive disparagement!  If everyone praises his, the disparagement will stop; and, as the Rav says, the disparagement always atones for the sorrow of the Shechina, and also lengthens his days.

(There is a lot of evidence that the Rav isn’t interested in anyone defending him)

But there will come a time when Hashem will decide, and everyone will say this!

Furthermore, you still need to give free choice to people…

And if you tell me that there are true tzaddikim who oppose Rabbi Berland, I will respond to you:  Heaven forbid for me to contradict them, but read this very elucidating section from Likutey Moharan (Torah 88):

It’s known that it’s impossible for the influx and blessings to come to the world, except through the hands of the Tzaddik, because the Tzaddik has hands with which to receive them…However, when the Tzaddik is very well-known, then the accusers know, and carefully watch him, and don’t allow him to bring down the influx, and Hashem puts it into the heart of another tzaddik to oppose him in order to conceal him, so that he can bring down the influx. This is the controversy which is for the sake of Heaven (Avos 5); that is, for the sake of the Tzaddik.”

  1. Gematria (Hebrew Numerical Value) of Rabbi Berland

I don’t think that to bring Gematria changes anything.  However, at any rate, I’ll bring two Gematrias:

  1. As in known, part of the essence of the Rav is to say the Tikkun Clalli, whether this is with 1000’s of people (at Winter Stadium) or at the grave of Rabbi Nachman in Uman.  Over the course of all the years, including the years that it was impossible to enter the Soviet Union, [he] would struggle to travel there with self-sacrifice, primarily to say the Tikkun Clalli.


These are the 10 chapters [of the Tikkun Clalli]:

Chapters 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150 = Gematria 749

And after saying, “I bind myself…” [at the beginning], you receive 1 more

Altogether 749 + 1=750

750=Eliezer Berland ben Etiya

  1. על תגעו במשיחי ולנביאי אל תרעו

“Don’t touch my Messiah and my prophets don’t harm”

My prophets don’t harm” = 816

Rabbi Eliezer Berland = 816

There are many, many more Gematrias, but I’ll bring just one:

The Police coined the case in which the Rav is suspected now,

“עושק שחור – Black Extortion” = 990

משיח בן דוד משיח בן יוסף – Messiah son of David, Messiah son of Joseph = 990

But this isn’t interesting…We don’t solve problems with Gematrias, nor do we decide Jewish law through this!

But please explain to me how it’s possible to hide?

Gematria is one of the languages that describes the spiritual world, and every letter in the Torah has significance and [ways to be] combined.

I began to put the puzzle together piece by piece…

  1. Who are the students of Rabbi Berland??

Over the course of the years, some of the greatest Rabbis in the world came out of the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva!!!

Rabbi Shalom Arush

As in known to everyone, someone who has caused countless people to do teshuva, also Charedim!  We already wrote about him at length at the beginning.

Rabbi Ofer Erez

Head of the “Ka’ayal Ta’arog” Organization, which is involved in spreading Torah and keruv…

Rabbi Moshe Tzanani

Quote from Rabbi Glazer: “A Jew who learned in Shuvu Banim told me that he knows Rabbi Tzanani already for 11 years.  He related that he never saw him make a move outside of learning. Sometimes, you see Collel students at the coffee stand, sometimes getting air, but Rabbi Tzanani, during the 11 years that he knows him, he never saw him get up from the table.

Rabbi Meir Malka

Rabbi Glazer said: I would hear Torah lessons from him.  Rabosai, what asceticism, what righteousness, something unique!  They call Rabbi Malka the Baba Sali of Breslev.  Guarding the eyes, Rabosai! What prayers, what knowledge!  A walking Torah!”

And more holy and pure students (heads of yeshivas and important communities), and more like these who the Tzaddik hides from public knowledge.

Rabbi Eliyahu Succot, Rabbi Meir Sa’ada, Rabbi Shmuel Shtern, Rabbi Meir Shlomo zatza”l, Rabbi Michael Gol, Rabbi Eliyahu Merav, Rabbi Avraham Hananya, Rabbi Moshe Gershnovitz, Rabbi Yosef Gal, Rabbi Dov Rubenstein, Rabbi Moshe Shaul, Rabbi Emanuel Weiss, Rabbi Shimshon Walach, Rabbi Hajvi, Rabbi Almaliach (author of an outstanding commentary on the entire Etz Chaim), Rabbi Hagai Hiyutin, Rabbi Natan Rubenstein, Rabbi Yehuda Goldblum, Rabbi Isaac, Rabbi Shalom Shavin.

Likewise, there’s also to count the students of the second generations, meaning the students of Rabbi Arush!

Thousands of Jews in the streets of Israel and the world are counted as students of Rabbi Arush.  His books reach every corner of the world, in every place where Jews are found and also where they’re not found, millions of people all over the world are following the teachings of Rabbi Arush, reading his books, listening to lectures, and anticipating with shortness of breath every move.  The books and lectures have been publicized in over 10 languages.

Likewise, his students are Rabbis that return people to Judaism, for instance, Rabbi Eyal Amarmi…especially with his lessons on Likutey Moharan.

Rabbi Gavriel Lavi, who was stabbed at Damascus Gate recently, and was in critical condition.  After Rabbi Berland performed a Pidyon Nefesh for him, the man returned to his strength within 3 days, and even held a press party.  And what does he testify?  That he’s not afraid to walk in Damascus Gate, and he’s not frightened, in accordance to the instructions of the Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Miracle Rescue of Gavriel Lavi, click here

Rabbi Gavriel Lavi with Rabbi Berland shlit”a after his injury…

I quote his words which he said after leaving the hospital: “I’m not afraid to walk again in Damascus Gate.  [A person] only needs to fear the Creator of the World.”  Show me another person in the world who would say that!!!  After what he went through, just to understand:  He lie ten minutes after being stabbed 17 times in every part of his body, bleeding in an alley near Damascus Gate, and a portion of the Arabs in the surrounding area are photographing and laughing from the side… (there’s documentation).

This is a Kiddush Hashem from one of the many students of Rabbi Berland!!!

If it was possible to shout by way of writing, I would shout, period

If you see students such as these, it’s a sign that their Rabbi is also like this.  (An apple tree produces apples, not tomatoes).

He who is a bit confused has only one solution – pray to Hashem and request to see the truth, and Hashem will show him!

  1. Pidyon Nefesh (Soul Redemption)

Just why does Rabbi Berland arrange a pidyon nefesh and sometimes request large sums for this?

I haven’t turned into the spokesman for the Rav, but there are countless reasons.

(It’s written below in section 8, the secret of the Rav…)

We’ll take an example:  If Hashem decides that this person will have a certain illness, and he goes to the Tzaddik to receive a blessing, the Tzaddik in his great compassion wants the illness to go away.  However, he can’t get involved in the attribute of judgement and try to exempt him from punishment altogether.  Therefore, in exchange he requests from him or his family to give a fitting amount to tzedaka.  And the essence of pain in giving this sort of amount in essence finishes off the accounting of Heaven for this person and he can receive the salvation that he needs.  There have even been cases where people have come to the Rav without any particular request and the Rav says to them straight up that they need to bring a 2000 NIS pidyon (very simple, go and figure what the Rav sweetened from this person before the trouble arrived…)

And now, tell me if you saw what he does with this money?  Buy 200 sandwiches and 500 shwarmas???

What can an 80-year-old man enjoy when his bodily constitution is weak?…Is he interested in flying to a hotel on Fiji Island?

What does he do with the money??

He hands it straight over to other people.  There is tons of documentation to this effect.  I myself saw with my own eyes 1000’s of shekels flowing to him with him elegantly passing it on…We have no concept of what kind of providence from Heaven there is for every single shekel.

Such is only my personal opinion!! (After having seeing it with my eyes.)

As is known to everyone, Rav Ovadia zatza”l several times sent a pidyon nefesh to Rabbi Berland. When they asked him, “But there are other tzaddikim?” he answered, “In our generation, the one who knows how to do a pidyon is Rabbi Eliezer Berland.”

Regarding the question of how Rabbi Berland takes large pidyons from sick people—and in the eyes of the media this appears as if, G-d forbid, he’s taking advantage of the terminally ill?

The answer: A person who comes to Rabbi Berland knows that he isn’t coming to a doctor.  He is coming to Rabbi Berland because he gave up on the doctor.  He was by doctors and understood that they couldn’t help him.

Regarding Mentos:

There’s no difference between a glass of Arak that one would receive by the Baba Sali for salvation and healing, and the Mentos which Rabbi Berland gives.

Regarding the pidyons that the Rav takes from healthy/sick people

This is something more spiritual, and there is not so much understanding in the public and in the media what this is, and how it works, and what kind of sorrow this holds off from the one who gives the pidyon.

Sometimes, people die even when they received a blessing from a Rav-Tzaddik, and by us, in this world, it’s assumed that this is the worst thing—that a person dies = from our standpoint, this is the ultimate downfall!  But not so in the eternal world.  There, the soul continues to its true rectification.

And it’s to the best interest of the person who dies before his relatives who are mourning him because his died before his time, that there in the World of Truth he receives a very high level after a pidyon nefesh which he made in this world…

We need to explain this!  To people of faith!  This is taken for granted.  However, there are many people who need to read and understand this explanation.

Stories about Pidyon Nefesh – Rabbi Berland, click here

  1. Prayers gatherings for the success of the Rav

Ask what all the people of Shuvu Banim (the students of Rabbi Berland), as well as additional people who have joined along and believe in the way of the Rav, have been doing over the last months.

Every month the Rav organizes prayer gatherings in Hebron, at the Western Wall, Rachel’s tomb, and more…

To see the gathering in Hebron in Chanukah, 5779, click here

Likewise, they continue to pray for the Rav every time that he goes to the hospital for urgent medical care and is under arrest.

I saw, more than once, people who got caught up into that gathering, even those who were not the closest to religion, who immediately bonded and said several times the Tikkun Clalli with great, real connection [to the Divine] together with [the others] – a [living example] of “gazing and becoming hooked.”

In this way they become closer and closer to the Creator of the World!

The truth: this is the goal here in this entire amazing process!!

Take a regular person who hears Rabbi Berland.  He’s totally involved in saying Psalms all day for “Rabbi Eliezer ben Etiya” and tries to finish as much as possible.

This is the unrevealed intention of the Rav, to worry that all the time people wake up and are renewed.

In my personal opinion, I think that when the Rav is imprisoned or [goes through] all the harsh decrees he has on him, he is shielded in every single step by Hashem. However, all of this happens so that WE should wake up!! So that we should be strengthened!!

He who wasn’t at the prayer gathering for the release of the Rav, doesn’t understand what level of arousal there was at the moment that Rabbi Yaakov Ades ascended to the podium.

The words “the gates of tears were never locked” took on a different significance after this exciting night.  An awareness entered me that the entire intention of the Rav is that we should go to pray with a broken heart and direct our prayers for the sake of the Jewish people, that they should be redeemed with mercy.  This is a special feeling of a kind that’s hard to describe.

Rabbi Yaakov Ades in prayer for Rabbi Berland, click here

This works—everyone waking up, everyone strengthening together to shield the Jewish people.

Like an army that goes out to its duties!! Yes, Yes! So I see this, being that I participated in more than one gathering like these, with my eyes bleary from tiredness and struggling to read Psalms for the sake of “the Jewish people.”  This happened also on very significant dates, for example on the day that Trump rose to power…or before the first elections whose end was failure to form a government.

Accepting disparagement

The Rav defines his community “Shuvu Banim”

Service of Hashem by accepting disparagement

“He who hears himself disparaged—be completely silent”

The Rav explains: That you hear people contradicting and disparaging you, etc.?  Don’t get back at them with the same formula.  The opposite: encourage them and give them money and concern yourself with all their needs, because the words and the disparagement which he undergoes lengthen his life, and there’s a lot more to add…

But it was difficult to understand this teaching until also by me something interesting happened.

I was in a place where there were present, among others, managers of institutions, and there was one who spoke and spoke against Rabbi Berland.

I rose in front of him and took out a 100 NIS bill as a donation and added and said to him in this language, “I donate to you because such the Rav ordered us—to give money to the opposition, etc., etc.  There was someone there next to me (a Rav in a certain yeshiva) who screamed, “Wow, here is something that is real…”

  1. The Secret of Rabbi Berland

Let’s begin with a story which will give us a sense of performance of a mitzvah in completeness

It’s told about the daughter of Rabbi Zusha of Anapoli that she reached marriageable age, and he didn’t have a penny.  He went out to request donations from good people, in order to fulfill his duty as a father to his daughter.

He went to Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz, saying that he wishes to gather money to marry off his daughter, and he wants a letter of recommendation from the Rabbi.  Rabbi Pinchas shook at the thought that Rabbi Zusha the Tzaddik would go around like one of the paupers in the city.  Immediately, he took out 300 rubles, a formidable sum, put it in his hand and instructed him to return to his Torah learning and to use the money for his daughter’s wedding.

On his way back, Rabbi Zusha heard the bitter waling of a woman crying over having lost a purse which contained 300 rubles.  Surrounding her were many curious people.  Rabbi Zusha approached her and said, “I have found your money.  Bring me the signs and I’ll give it to you.”

The women cried and said, “300 rubles were in the purse.”  Immediately Rabbi Zusha pulled out 250 rubles and handed them to her, saying, “Take your lost item, but 50 rubles I want as payment for my trouble.”

The women shouted, “Thief!  Give me my money! I’ll give you just 2 rubles for your trouble.”  However, Rabbi Zusha refused.  They continued to argue, and two young men snatched the money from him and handed it over to the woman, while warning him that if he doesn’t get lost, they’ll punch him out.

With an ashamed face Rabbi Zusha left the place, with the burning stare of those present behind him.

After a short time, the woman found the lost item.

They asked Rabbi Zusha, what caused you to act like that?

Rabbi Zusha answered, “My evil inclination tempted me to return a lost item which I didn’t find, and for this, I would certainly receive great honor.

I answered it, “Woe to me if I return and receive honor!!  [Therefore,] I had  to “disparage myself” in order to gain a complete mitzvah.

I am reminded of a story of a young man from Bet Shemesh who was critically injured from gunfire and who was unconscious for a long time.  They requested that the Rav arrange for him a pidyon, and the Rav requested a fitting sum.  The young man’s father from overseas gave the money to the Rav, and Baruch Hashem, he woke up from his unconsciousness!!  However, the father said to someone close to him, “The Rav saved my son’s life, but why did he take a sum like that??”

You understand the depths of this??  The Rav saved his son, but beforehand made sure that he wouldn’t receive any honor for it!!

There are more stories that are similar…

Many years ago, the Rav gave over a Torah lesson in Bnei Brak and at the end of the lesson the Rav saw that there was great excitement by the audience from his phenomenal mastery in all areas of Torah…So he did something:  The Rav threw his shoe to the other side of the auditorium!  Because of this, people said to themselves, “This Rabbi is a genius, but a bit…”

The Rav’s Path in Serving Hashem:

Maran HaGaon the Kabbalist Rabbi Morgenstern publicized a letter in which he wrote that even if Rabbi Berland shlit”a should write a letter and incriminate himself, it’s forbidden to believe him, because he draws onto himself disparagement and suffering, and all for the sake of the Jewish people.

There is a Collel student who testified before one of the tsaddikim, that Rabbi Berland shlit”a himself gave him a large amount of money so that he should go and publicize about him corruption and lies that he, as it were “did.”

We see here that we have a great Tzaddik who takes onto himself things, and no one understands what’s happening here.

Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit”a testified that he began to take action in front of a Rabbinic Court for the sake of the Rav shlit”a, but immediately received a message from the Rav to seize.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end there will come a day when it will be revealed that one of the dissenters of the Rav, who publicizes negative things about him, was sent by the Rav himself!!!  (Remember this well!)

According to the way of the Rav, no person in the world can reach any spiritual level, even the absolute lowest, except through [receiving] dissention, disparagement, and libel.

So too here with the entire affair and news about the Rav…

Let’s look at a section from Likutey Moharan 260 about receiving disparagement

I saw a shocking section from Likutey Moharan 260 about the significance of receiving disparagement!  It’s elucidated there that the 10 Martyrs sacrificed their souls in order to save countless Jews, and he explains that there is one Tzaddik who does another type of self-sacrifice!  He sacrifices his “name” in public and accepts disparagement, especially if he is “very famous.”  Through this he saves countless Jews.

I begin to quote:

Because there are the 10 Martyrs who sacrificed their souls for the sanctification of Hashem’s Name…And they saw in those generations that it was impossible to rectify and do unifications on high except through their souls.  Therefore, they sacrificed their souls for the sanctification of Hashem’s Name.”

Likewise, through losing one’s name (disparagement)…”So there is one who is well-known and not well-known.  That is, he is well-known in the mouths of everyone, and everyone talks about him, and even so, he is not well-known, because he isn’t [considered] important at all.  And there is one who doesn’t desire this, only that he lost his fame, that is he lost his name, which is the soul.  (Because everyone is disparaging him and he doesn’t prefer to be well-known at all.)

But there is one who does this willingly and consciously, that he sacrifices his soul for the sanctification of Hashem’s Name, that is, his fame…and because of this, even though he is famous, even so, he’s not famous at all!!  On the contrary, he’s the opposite, because everyone is talking about him, and fabricating lies about him which never occurred to him, and through this his blood is shed mamash, and he does this deliberately.  Because this is an aspect of self-sacrifice mamash, because the name is the soul.  And he saves the Jewish people through this, from what was fitting to come upon them, G-d forbid, for the sake of the unification [of G-d’s Name].  And through sacrificing his name, which is the soul, he saves them.

After the things which I have seen and heard over the last few months, this section from Likutey Moharan became very clear to me!

And to lend it more support, the name “Eliezer” is alluded to here!

Where? Exactly in the sentence “There is one who does this [willfully]”

[in Hebrew, “[יש אחד שעושה זאת, the initial letters of which have the

numerical value 318



(Forget the numerical value.  Explain to me please a different situation according to what Rabbi Berland is going through in the present and in the past…)

Likutey Moharan 260 (Wikitext), click here

Chok L’Yisrael

Parshas Balak, Sunday, Musar section (from Sefer Chasidim 112)

It’s written in Chok L’Yisrael musar:  “If the world is shouting about a certain Tzaddik to whom something bad happened, say that in the sin of the generation he was trapped, for tzaddikim are trapped through the sin of the generation as it says (Lamentations 5), “The spirit of our face, the Messiah of Hashem, was trapped through their corruption.”

Just so that we understand!!  Rabbi Berland is suspected of many crimes at once.

If all of these stories were true, he would be caught on one or two types of crimes, but by Rabbi Berland, it’s something unique.  He’s suspected of all the types of crimes that exist!!!  Interesting!

This returns me to the verse which shouts that tzaddikim are caught for the sins of the generation.  And what is the Rav suspected of?  This is what the generation is clearly [worthy of] being struck for!!!

No?  Then explain to me from the beginning the Chok L’Yisrael!!

  1. Why people are really dissenting against Rabbi Berland?

Let’s start with a preface:  Let’s return to our reality in Israel for already many, many years.  We are witnesses to the carnival of hatred against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Let’s touch on one point!

The incomprehensible behavior of all the parties involved in the case against Netanyahu resembles [the behavior] of a desperate child.  At a time when cruel children are attacking him and striking him in the face, he can’t attack them in return, or even defend himself.

Because some children tied his hands behind his back.

Oy!  This is terrible!!

This is exactly the situation in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself – attacked harshly over the course of years in a cruel and terrible way at the hands of powerful and ruthless people who don’t even allow him the most basic thing: To defend himself.

For example: They don’t allow him a fitting trial in the Israeli public, meaning the media; the tendentious leaks; and one more thing forbidden for Netanyahu:  To raise money to defend himself.

He needs to spend out of his own pocket the entire sum of money for the cost of the trial and attorney. (And more and more…)

But bottom line, we see that one side in this country is going beyond its limits against Netanyahu…and why all this hatred??

Why are they really pursuing him?

Because of some [favorable] coverage from a supporter on a particular media website?

An exchange of various promotions and favors?

Or give and take deals with newspaper publishers?


Rather there are things under the carpet.

Because our world is a world of falsehood.

They hate him because of totally different motives!!

Because he is moving the State to the Right, and in this, there is influence on the future of the State!

And all the other reasons are just a lot of fluff!

It’s possible to go on at length, but this isn’t the place…

And now this subject is clear to us.  Let’s understand one thing.  That all the pursuit (for many years) against Rabbi Berland is not for the motives that everyone sees and knows of.

Yes…Yes…This is true!!

Already many, many years ago, there were groups who didn’t agree with the Rav’s work through the [creation of a] massive outreach movement which he introduced into Breslev Chasidus….Those who understand will understand…

Or, on the other side, certain people in the Israeli public who are against religion, Torah, or anything else that has so much as the scent of holiness.  They jump onto the story around Rabbi Berland like someone who found bountiful treasure.

There are also such people in the Chareidi community who take pride in their desire to clean out and expose people who are unfitting.

Let’s judge now! Between us and ourselves!

Pay attention!  Are those same people fighting and denouncing for no reason?

And also those people who act against Hashem’s will?

Do people abstain from the [influence of the] media which encourages the opposite of holiness?

([Like the saying in Hebrew]: “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who YOU are…”)

Rather, the real reason they are against Rabbi Berland – It’s against the Avodas Hashem which he bequeaths to the public!!!

And a person who doesn’t know with whom is the truth, and on the other hand doesn’t want to sin with his tongue! The simple answer: Wherever he hears people talking against Rabbi Berland or any other person, simply say, “Please!  I’m not prepared to listen.  Change the subject!!”

If we put together all the pieces of the puzzle, something shocking comes out of it…

  1. The Tapes and Films on the Rav

Let’s return to the tapes and films that there are on the Rav

Now grip hard!! With a straight intellect, what is happening here!!!  This is simply to shake you up

If you see the true Avodas Hashem of Rabbi Berland—that there is no dissenter [of his] who bequeathed to the public things like emuna (faith), thanks and gratitude, not to fear anything except Hashem (don’t forget Rabbi Gavriel Lavi!), hisbodedus (secluded prayer), receiving disparagement with love, guarding one’s eyes, saying Tikkun Hatzos, learning before the break of dawn, to cry over the sorrow of the Shechina…(incidentally, sorrow of the Shechina – צער השכינה = 750, Eliezer Berland ben Etiya=750) and more ways [in one’s Avodas Hashem] (there is no dissenter, who he and his students keep them).  Do you connect to this [type of] Avodas Hashem?

“Let’s see [how] you [act] when I’m not photogenic and all of YouTube is full of films like these and others opposing me!”

“Let’s see you now continue on the path that I bequeath to the Jewish people.  Or did you come to me only for superficial reasons, and when this doesn’t work out, suddenly my path of Avodas Hashem doesn’t matter to you!

See the path which he arouses in the Jewish people and live with this truth!!  Open your eyes and see all words of the Rabbis mentioned above and don’t be lazy and “draw conclusions.”

Either you’re here or there…

I personally wanted to receive a broad picture and sat and read about him from a very important book called “Lehavot Esh,” in which are described Rabbi Berland’s entire life, stories, and ways in the path of Avodas Hashem.  There were many, many things which I read in shock, and I understood that Rabbi Berland shlit”a is in essence a giant.

To buy the book “Lehavot Esh”, click here

Another very important thing to pay attention to

“It’s very obvious to us that with all his genius and all the Torah that he learned, that he has the wisdom not to get involved with the police, etc.  In several processes that he would undertake, he was to be found in the first row of Rabbis, and we all were enchanted by the majesty and honor that all the greatest Rabbis felt around him.”

But he doesn’t want you to draw close because of the superficial…and the honor

And not because this Rabbi has fans in the media and because he is accepted by everyone, by Prime Ministers, Ministers, and the famous, who come to his celebrations.

Rather, come close and be persistent in his Avodas Hashem (and that of his students, such as Rabbi Shalom Arush, for example) in truth and simplicity, even if the Rav appears sometimes like something else… “and gain that you have proven that you have drawn close to Hashem for the sake of Heaven”

And this is the secret of Birur (the process of selection and purification) in the last generation

(I note that this is only my own personal opinion), but this shouts out!!

There is Birur here.  You need to be blind not to see this.  Do you go with the Sages, true Rabbis, with the holiness?  Or do you go with the judges and the media?

(Look at the outcome of the pursuit of Netanyahu…who believes the media?)

We likewise heard that the judge took sides in the middle of the hearing and ridiculed the Rav’s medical situation

This is something totally unreasonable that a judge should behave like this…

This created for many a connection and a powerful effect of lack of trust in the courts in recent years…

Do you listen to the Daas Torah – Halachic ruling

Beginning on 1 Sivan, 5779, three of the biggest Rabbinic courts in Israel:

–The Badatz of Rabbis Karlitz and Sariel Rosenberg

–The Badatz of Rabbis Wazner and Shmuel Eliezer Shtern

–The Badatz of the Eda Charedis and Rabbi Yehuda Fisher

Halachic ruling: To immediately stop the pursuit of Rabbi Berland and to not speak anything negative about each other…not in writing or orally, and so on…

Halachic ruling on 1 Sivan, 5779, click here

To Sum things up

We see that in recent years he has borne such suffering, only to stop the suffering from the Jewish people.  So too is his name Eliezer, a name of kindness, that which helps, and who helps the Jewish people, until he said in recent days that he “sees terrible decrees which are going to be on the Jewish people.”

And he composed a prayer about this:

“Master of the World, All-Powerful, heal me and the entire world of the Corona (=363 in Hebrew) illness. Because the redemption (50) is near (313=>363)…and we will begin to be fastidious to guard [mitzvos] between (62) man (45) and his fellow (256=>363).  And through this, we shall see miracles and wonders what have never been since the creation of the world, and there will be a sweetening of judgements for the entire world…”

You need to remember that the Rav in recent years has been going around from house to house, almost without rest, in order to bring merit to the masses and to sacrifice his soul to draw more Jews closer to their Father in Heaven.

Personal testimony:

I’m not ashamed to write this since it is for benefit.

I started saying thank you for everything—this they know at home, until one day I received a very painful blow and my hand got caught on the door handle in the midst of walking.

I screamed, “Ayyyy…”

My 4-year-old child said to me from bed – “Aba, say thank you…”

I turned to him and raised him to the ceiling and shouted, “Sweetie!  You’re an angel of Hashem in physical form”

If to you this makes sense, then it’s a sign that this is the truth…

And fortunate is the Rabbi who brought to the world this Torah [of gratitude]!!!

These words are written now to every person with great love

It’s possible to believe or [not] to believe the things written here

It’s possible to interpret in this direction or that direction (there will always be someone who will say the opposite…)

Think with a straight intellect:

We have here a giant process and we, in this world, go every morning in the race of life and don’t always stop to think, “Someday, every Jew will believe that Hashem wants to build the Holy Temple, and to finally redeem us forever!!”

At least to be a good business man who doesn’t miss an investment opportunity…from this article, say psalms for the refuah (healing) of Rabbi Eliezer Berland ben Etiya shlit”a, and to even learn for his success, and to think of and be a partner in his suffering.

(We opened a line to receive chapters of psalms for the refuah of the Rav 08-618-6360)

We are in a time of favor and great mercy.  It’s forbidden for us to be apathetic.

Behold, Rabbi Kaduri zatza”l said some 40 years ago: Before the Messiah comes, the sign will be that there will be elections and it will be undecided, and they won’t manage to form a coalition, and after that the Messiah will come!!

We mamash feel this!!

Who knows?  Perhaps we will also merit to a redemption with mercy, Amen!!

For the movie response to the pursuit of Rabbi Berland, click here

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